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*********************************************************** This is a guide to run Duckling, please refer to COMPILE.TXT in source bundle if you want to compile Duckling. For more information, please visit *********************************************************** Prerequisites: ----------------------------------------------------------- MYSQL: You need to install mysql (5.0 and above) first with the root username "root" and password "root" as default. Alternatively, you may create a database "xxx" and with the user "xxx" and password "xxx". The database, user and password should be replaced in the following files: ----------------------------------------------------------- webapps/dct/WEB-INF/conf/ webapps/clb/WEB-INF/conf/ webapps/umt/WEB-INF/conf/ webapps/dlog/WEB-INF/conf/ webapps/vmt/WEB-INF/conf/ ----------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO START: ----------------------------------------------------------- 1) Windows: Launch the "apache-tomcat-5.5.23/bin/startup.bat" 2) Linux: #cd apache-tomcat-5.5.23/bin #chmod +x *.sh #./ HOW TO USE: ----------------------------------------------------------- Open a web brower and visit the url: http://localhost:8080/dct. The username are "user@root.umt" with the password "". The administrator for umt (http://localhost:8080/vmt) is "admin@root.umt" with the password "".
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