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  • Working fine in windows 7

  • This is a great project, one that I love. If I knew how to code beyond the command line, I would help get rid of the few minor bugs that it has. The program is simple to use, doesn't consume much CPU power, and consumes such a small amount of RAM, I don't care about it. It's very lightweight, and stable.

  • Nice tools wich helps work. But it will much better if you add additional feature: *Grouping similar taskbar buttons

  • Looks like the app isn't in active development judging by the last updated date which is a shame - if it had a shortcut key which let you switch the active window between monitors it would have everything I need.

  • Does exactly what I needed it to. When I use small icons on the extended screen the windows don't maximize the full amount, there is a small sliver that you can see of the desktop. Can we get toolbars on the extended screen?

  • Any updates? Is this still developed? I will gladly pay some bucks for this great tool. I could never work properly with 3 monitors without this great tool.

  • good

  • I've been trying to find a dual (triple in my case actually) task bar that actually works. I've found some that you have to pay 20 bucks for that are crap compared to this one. I'm seriously impressed. Only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I can't pin items to anything but the base windows task bar. When I try to pin to the others I get the message that there was an error trying to pin this application to the taskbar. Keep up the awesome work. Heck, if chipping in 20 bucks would help, I'd gladly give 20 bucks for this task bar over the other crapbars I've found before!

  • Works on 3 monitors too (I have a USB-VGA graphics card). I really like the fact it worked so effortlessly. There are some strange fonts used but seems very good otherwise.

  • Very nice program. However I'd suggest a feature that hides the taskbar if I have something open fullscreen in the secondary monitor, such as YouTube or Netflix. Normally I don't want to autohide it, but for those fullscreen videos I'd like the entire screen real estate.

  • I found two problems. 1. Can't resize bar to minimal size, even if remove data/time info. I need THIN taskbar, like I can get with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker for system taskbar. 2. If settings window is opened, can't click on buttons of applications on taskbar. Settings windows should not be modal/dialog.

  • Just one problem in this taskbar When I press (right) ALT + F8 my second monitor is dissapeared from screen

  • It would be nice, if I could deactivate the taskbar on a specific screen. ATM we could only change the location.

  • It is really great if you use two Monitor. Five stars if it would be able to place a customizable toolbar to the taskbar.

  • It's was almost prefect. And it will be prefect if button exit appear in "taskbar properties", not in context-menu. "Exit" in Context-menu is so annoy, I alway shutdown program in accident :( Could u guy fix it? Thanks for great program.

  • A very nice, easy to use program. The one issue I have is that one my second screen when I open a fullscreen YouTube video, the video is displayed behind the taskbar, but this is onoly a minor bug.

  • I love the app, works brilliantly on 3 screens. I have noticed a couple of bugs, generally around resolution/screen count changes but a simple restart of the program fixes them. An additional option I would like to see is the ability to NOT have the task switcher move to the same screen as the currently active window and to stay on the primary display. Being able to pin applications to the 'secondary' taskbar is great!

  • Hi, great program. I found only a little bug: when viewing flash apps/videos in fullview mode their footer/base of the window goes behind Dual Monitor Taskbar. Normally flash apps stays in front of windows task bar.