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*** Version 1.22.021813 New - Multi monitor support - Customizable auto-hide speed - Added link to DMT project home page in Properties window Bug - Unhide taskbar if a program flashes its icon - Fixed out of sync clock - Take min button width from Registry (thanks jslick for this - - Fix some memory leaks (thanks jslick for this - *** Version 1.21.091112 New - Show current version in Properties window - Setup file name contains version number now Bug - Stability improvements - Fixed some random crashes *** Version 1.20.082812 Bug - Bugs with extra buttons appearing in the taskbar and causing crashes. - Bug #3560638: fixed crash on every start (some scenarios). New - #3557809: ability to change rule names *** Version 1.19.081012 Bug - Bug #3538211: avoid exception on non-TrueType fonts. May be a limitation in Windows Forms, for now I just handle the exception nicely. - Bug #3538272: handle stuck (frozen) applications - Bug #3551915: some fixes when clicking on Start Menu button. - Bug #3555271: if short time format includes seconds (Regional Settings), update clock every second. - Feature #3555154: show application title above aero thumbnail preview *** Version 1.18.042612 New - Feature Request #3521379: Use aero preview delay (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime) Keep preview window active when moving to adjacent app Show window title on mouse hover (not quite like the original taskbar, but I think it helps) - Feature Request #3518012: When pinning application, save command line arguments When pinning a TXT file (or other document) by drag & drop, we actually pin Notepad.exe (or default program that opens that document) with the TXT file as argument. So every time you use the pin button to launch the process, you will open notepad with the TXT file. - Feature Request #3452511 Use registry setting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\ExtendedUIHoverTime. If this value is higher than 2000, live previews are disabled Bug - Bug #3521053: ClearType for glass. Doesn't look perfect, but I added some form of antialiasing. *** Version 1.17.040912 New - Feature Request #3516079: Wait for second monitor to become available. Also, if the second monitor is disabled, DMT will wait for it to be enabled again. *** Version 1.16.040212 Bug - Fix for auto hide (#3514081) *** Version 1.15.033012 New - Added 'check for updates' option. You will be notified when a new version is available. *** Version 1.14.032812 New - new 'Show Desktop' button - will only minimize/restore windows from the monitor with the DualMonitorTaskbar. The main taskbar's 'Show Desktop' button will affect all windows. I'll try to change that if I find a way. - Fixed some bugs: 3477585 & 3469288(crashes when program is closed), 3504419 (fix for auto hide) *** Version 1.13.020612 New - Option to minimize windows from screen - Installer works for non-admin users. Choose a path where you have write permission. *** Version 1.12.012012 New - Option to use custom font *** Version 1.11.112511 Bug fixes - #3434532, #3436144 (partial), #3441081, #3438720 *** Version 1.10.110411 New - Reorder buttons on the taskbar by dragging them *** Version 1.09.102811 New - Support for classic Windows theme *** Version 1.08.092111 Bug fixes New - Start menu (beta) *** Version 1.07.090111 Bugs: - From SourceForge site: 3392467 (error from window manager rules), 3394752 (multiple notification icons for task manager) *** Version 1.07.080311 Bugs: - From SourceForge site: 3383957 (notification area won't hide), 3383794 (dll error on startup) New - Windows 7 Taskbar features: Support for progress bar and icon overlays - *** Version 1.06.080111 Bugs: - fixed notification area for 32 bits Windows *** Version 1.06.072811 Bugs: - auto hide mode: fix UI bug for notification area - auto hide mode: should not hide while moving taskbar to edges Known issue: - left and right click doesn't work in notification area on 32 bits Windows *** Version 1.06.072611 New: - Notification area *** Version 1.05.071111 Fixes: - Fix window rule - compare program path (including DOS 8.3 characters paths) - Detect icon change and update button - Aero mode: show close button in tooltip window, over live thumbnail New: - Live previews (in aero mode - roll over tooltip window to activate it) - Middle click on tooltip window will close window - Right click on tooltip window will show context menu - New taskbar buttons design - Hot Tracking (calculate button's color when mouse rolls over based on its icon) + animation (if Taskbar Animations are enabled) *** Version 1.04.070411 Fixes: - minimize & restore on some machines - reposition and resize on resolution change - window manager - move to monitor rules - when window appears minimized New: - auto hide option *** Version 1.03.062811 Bug Fixes New: - taskbar preview (when aero is activated) *** Version 1.02.062711 Bug Fixes *** Version 1.02.062411 Fixes: - icons without label don't resize well when taskbar is docked vertically (#3325025) New: - click on clock panel now shows clock - aero support - window management - automatically move windows to specific screen - option to mirror the main taskbar's buttons *** Version 1.01.062211 Fixes: - taskbar hangs when closing an application from context menu until "Are you sure" message is closed New: - drag & drop over taskbar button - it will activate window so you can drop inside - move taskbar to top, left, right, bottom positions - taskbar resize - detect FlashWindow event - flash button in taskbar - drop files on the taskbar to pin their associated program *** Version 1.00.061711 New: - show ALT+TAB task switcher on the screen that has the mouse cursor *** Version 1.00.061511 Fixes: - change button UI on click - on first load, read "Use small icons" setting from main taskbar New: - pinned programs *** 10 June 2011 Fixes: - fix detection of visible windows - will not start with 1 monitor - detects when second monitor is deactivated (either manually or by remote desktop login) and waits for it to be activated again *** 09 June 2011 Fixes: - fix full screen detection - fix close window (when using multiple firefox windows, would randomly close one of them) *** 08 June 2011 Fixes: - detect window open directly on second monitor (problems with some programs like Chrome) - fix crash trying to delete missing key in registry (related to "Automatically start with Windows") - fix screen detection for minimizing application - fix taskbar flicker in specific scenario *** 07 June 2011 Fixes: - detect fullscreen window and hide taskbar - added Start button (beta) New: - Lock/Unlock taskbar - can resize if unlocked (POSTPONED) *** 01 June 2011 Fixes: - button 'tooltip' doesn't hide sometimes - click button doesn't work sometimes - increased delay on 'tooltip' show *** 30 May 2011 Fixes: - screen detection - added tooltip and context menu for clock *** 27 May 2011 Fixes: - detection of window caption change in both displays - detection of windows to display in secondary taskbar - close context menus if focus is changed - use small icon in tooltip - remove from taskbar windows like Outlook or Yahoo (that hide to tray when minimized or closed) New: - clock, detect clock change - launch command in button's context menu - launch another instance with SHIFT+Click or Middle Click
Source: README.txt, updated 2013-02-18