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1_3_8 2017-03-31 116116 weekly downloads
1.3.7a 2016-11-16 33 weekly downloads
1.3.7 2016-09-14 33 weekly downloads
1.3.6 2016-02-01 33 weekly downloads
1.3.5 2016-01-08 33 weekly downloads
README.TXT 2017-03-31 8.8 kB 0
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README.TXT - dtelnet - version 1.3.8 - * IPv6 support * New help file 'dtelnet.chm' instead of 'dtelnet.hlp' * Minor improvement regarding pseudo-graphical characters, (minor changes in file 'dtelnet.set') - version 1.3.7a - * New help file, thanks to Zvonar, JohnG - version 1.3.7 - * well, xterm-kbsH was a bad idea (some telnetd's convert it to 'xterm-kbsh'), new: xterm-kbs8 * status line now shows some keyboard-status information * color-selection in menu Terminal - version 1.3.6 - * minor bugfixes * using environment variable %USERPROFILE%, if %HOME% is not set * new terminal types in dtelnet.set: xterm-kbs177, xterm-kbsH for special cases (see <a href="backspace.txt">backspace.txt</a>) - version 1.3.5 - * Dtelnet's file extension changed from '.ts' to '.dtelnet_ses' Note: the old files don't stop working, you don't have to rename them. * From now, you can use NEW ENVIRONMENT feature (if your server supports it). add [EnvVars] section into your 'dtelnet.ini' or 'favourite.dtelnet_ses': [EnvVars] LC_CTYPE="hu_HU.ISO-8859-2" ORA_SDTZ="Europe/Budapest" * New Connect/Reconnect menu command * Most likely the last version for Windows16 - version 1.3.4a - * Packing failure: too old help file, folder 'res' got lost - version 1.3.4 - * Help file added, thanks to Zvonar, JohnG * Reorganized 'keypad application mode' settings in 'Connect' dialog. Most users should set both radio-buttons to 'Num'. * For user without mouse: when connected, pressing and releasing both Alt's activates the menu * New menu-command: Term/Mouse: you can assign function 'paste' to middle or right mouse-button. * From now triple-click and quadruple-click are usable to select a (screen) line or a (logical) line. (The latter selects the wrapped lines, too.) * Two new terminal-types for linux-users: xterm-linuxbs and rxvt-linuxbs Read backspace.txt for details. - version 1.3.3 - * Bugfix: Window-resize/maximize sometimes gave strange errors * Bugfix: Cursor position was wrong in Midnight Commander when switched to alternate screen (Ctrl+O), also it wasn't 'vttest' compatible. Fixed. * Other little fixes to make vttest happy (eg HPR = ESC[a) Note: after 'vttest', it's a good idea to execute 'reset' or printf '\033c' * Another little bugfix in telnet-protocol handling - version 1.3.2 - * Bugfix: ESC[<lineno>H didn't work (VMS!EDT uses it) * Reorganized attributes, try them with the attached 'dtelnet.test.sh' script with parameter 'attrs'. In the command line, within the /A parameter you can specify two more colors for bold and blink attributes (that's four colors totally): normalForeground/emphasizedForeground-on-normalBackground/emphasizedBackground eg: DTELNET.EXE /A White/0xfa-on-0xed/0xee In the INI-file it is 'Attrib' in section [Terminal] You can see the 256 colors with 'dtelnet.test.sh colors'. * For DEC/VT-users ScrollLock and Pause now act as 'Help' and 'Do' (irrelevant for unix-users) * Also for them there is an option to map Insert/Home/PageUp/Delete/End/PageDown to Find/InsertHere/Remove/Select/PrevScreen/NextScreen (/VtKeyMap option in *.ts file) * If you have a 'HOME' environment variable, dtelnet will look for ini-files in %HOME%\dtelnet before the directory of the executable (dtelnet.exe) (See Help/About to check) - version 1.3.1a - * Bugfix: Shift+F<n> should work now (test in Midnight Commander), especially with terminal-types xterm and konsole - version 1.3.1 - * Bugfix in Term/Emul (Windows 16 version only) * Support for second mouse-wheel (to tell the truth, I cannot test it), also support for "mouse_button_event" functionality (whatever it is) * >>IMPORTANT<< Reorganized terminal types (dtelnet.set is changed, too); from now on, I'd suggest terminal-type konsole (or konsole-256color) for linux-servers, xterm (or xterm-256color) for AIX-servers. See file backspace.txt for more information. Also test these keys in mc/mcedit, they should work with the said terminal-types: Shift+Arrows, Ctrl+Up/Down, Ctrl+Home/End, Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn - version 1.3.0 - * In menu Term/Font you can select a 'Secondary Font' which will be used for line-graphics. I'd suggest you choose one from Courier New, Consolas or Lucida Console, and test your selection with Midnight Commander. * The /A command line option (that sets the forward and background colours now) accepts numbers as well, between 0 and 255 (see 256 colors below) eg: /A 0xea-0xf8 -- a nice, darkgrey on whitegrey combination, easy on eyes. (This is 'Attrib' in the ini-file, section '[Terminal]') * In file 'dtelnet.set', terminal type 'xterm' has been split into 'xterm-new' and 'xterm-old'; but both of them simply send 'xterm' to the server (you can change that with menu-command 'Term/Term definitions' or editing the file manually) - version 1.2.9 - * In Windows16, we are sending telnet.nop commands in every 65.535 secs to keep the connection alive; In Windows32/64 we use TCP_KEEPALIVE in every 10 minutes; (or the value from registry key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TCPIP\Parameters\KeepAliveTime, if that is shorter than 10 minutes (NB: it is in millisec)) * Supporting 256 colors (sequences ESC[38;5;<colnum> and ESC[48;5;<colnum>); from now, the preferred terminal type is 'rxvt-256color' Test with: 'dtelnet.test.sh colors' * This is the first version coming in three variants: Windows16/32/64 - version 1.2.8 - * From now on, you can map menu-commands to keys, too. Currently available: NewWindow and PrintScreen. Example: ; Map Ctrl+W to function 'NewWindow', Ctrl+P to function 'PrintScreen' ; Notice the lack of quotes. ; ; Ctrl,0x57 = NewWindow ; Ctrl,0x50 = PrintScreen * Mouse wheel works again (but only in the 32-bit version) to scroll vertically; in Midnight Commander test the wheel in itself, and together with Shift * There were some problems with selection, attributes and anti-aliasing (especially ClearType) -- hopefully it's better now. * The handling of colors has been changed: now 'blink' means intense background color, like 'bold' means intense foreground color. * In the Font-selection menu you can choose bold font now -- it might or might not work for you (check with Midnight Commander). * More function keys (26, 24 editable in the GUI) -- for special uses. Remember: F11=Shift+F1, F22=Shift+F12 * A test script (dtelnet.test.sh), to test colors, alternate buffer, scrolling etc. * Underline support, it may or may not work depending on font/size, test from unix: tput smul; echo underlined; tput rmul * Option -I<inifile> works again, but you have to use quotes if there are backslashes in the pathname: -I'C:\HOME\USERNAME\DTELNET.INI' - version 1.2.7 - New feature: keymapping. No user interface yet, the definitions are to be entered into dtelnet.ini or *.ts files. Documentation can be found in file keymap.txt. Quick example: [Keymap] ; map Alt+M to "mc\r", Alt+LeftShift+M to "mcedit ", ; Alt+RightShift+M to "mcview ", Alt+BothShifts+M to "man mc\r": Alt,Shift-,0x4d = "mc\r" Alt,LShift+,RShift-,0x4d = "mcedit " Alt,LShift-,RShift+,0x4d = "mcview " Alt,LShift+,RShift+,0x4d = "man mc\r" Help-file dropped, it's been unmaintaned since the past millenium. - version 1.2.6 - Now Shift-key undoes 'mouse reporting', so in mc[edit] you can select text parts with Shift+mouse. Command-line attribute /A has changed: now 'color' means dark-color, 'Color' means ligh-color (compare '/A black-white' and '/A black-White'). (Also a bug has been fixed in handling sequence esc[49m.) Maximize now doesn't actually maximize (we don't want unused areas on the bottom/right); from now when you open the program tries to keep the window within the screen. You may assign longer strings to function keys (for special usage only). - version 1.2.5 - Better support for terminal-type 'rxvt' -- you should consider using it as default terminal type if your servers support it. (File dtelnet.set is changed as well). If you are using Midnight Commander/Editor, try these key-sequences (in 'rxvt' mode): Ctrl+O: hide mc, show previous content Shift+Arraws: select text Ctrl+Home: goto the beginning Ctrl+End: goto the end Keypad mode: for special applications only, normally it is safe to disable. Local Execute: enables a special escape-sequence, to execute programs on client side -- for special applications only, normally it is highly recommended to disable. Note: If you are interested in Escape-sequences, you might be interested in these files (from dtelnet source package): rxvt.txt: rxvt-specific sequences keypad.txt: keypad-specific sequences shkeys.c: testprogram for unix
Source: README.TXT, updated 2017-03-31

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