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This is the 1.0.0 release of hexter.

hexter is a software synthesizer that models the sound generation of a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. It can easily load most DX7 patch bank files, edit those patches via a built-in editor or MIDI sys-ex messages, and recreate the sound of the DX7 with greater accuracy than any previous open-source emulation (that the author is aware of...) hexter operates as a plugin for the DSSI Soft Synth Interface.

Release 1.0.0 adds significant capability to hexter over the 0.6.2 release, including:

  • An integrated patch editor (finally!)

  • The option to use floating-point math in the synthesis code instead of fixed point. (Careful, you may be surprised which is faster on your particular platform.)

  • Performance optimizations.

  • Better patch bank loading, thanks to Martin Tarenskeen.

  • MIDI non-registered parameter (NRPN) support, thanks to Jamie


hexter is written and copyright © 2012 by Sean Bolton, and licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.

For more information, see

Source: README.rst, updated 2012-10-30