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This bootable [hybridized] ISO is a FreeBSD 9.0 intaller capable of installing either i386 or amd64. It has all the advantages of DruidBSD below but can also install FreeBSD or rescue non-bootable systems. It is a powerful tool in any FreeBSD administrator’s arsenal. Great for large-scale enterprise deployments.


This bootable [hybridized] ISO contains a micro-FreeBSD distribution designed to operate entirely in memory once-booted. DruidBSD contains over 150 utilities for doing just about anything you can imagine.


This bootable [hybridized] ISO contains everything that the above (DruidBSD-X.Y.iso) contains, plus the following utilities:

  • windiag – Microsoft Windows memory diagnostic
  • memtest86 – Open-source free memory diagnostic
  • memtest86+ – Open-source free memory diagnostic
  • dban – Darik’s Boot and Nuke secure-wipe utility
  • killdisk – Active® KillDisk Free Edition
  • seatools – Disk utilities from SeaGate

Hybridized ISO

A “hybridized” ISO is one that has been post-processed with the isohybrid utility from ISOLINUX. This utility modifies the ISO file by encapsulating the ISO9660 filesystem within disk structure understood by most MBR-based BIOSes.

This allows you to take the resulting ISO and write it to either optical media (such as CD/DVD) or a USB flash drive (using dd).

Source: README.textile, updated 2012-02-01