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drm_tools 1.1.27 Feb 09, 2018 Author: David Mathog, This is a collection of small tools that are sometimes helpful in specific instances. Each is provided as source code with a man page and an html version of the man page. Included programs are: accudate: An extended version of the unix "date" program. If supported by the compiler and OS it has subsecond accuracy and can easily be used to measure delta times in scripts. binformat: A utility for formatting complex binary data into text. Convert a mixture of data types within a single fixed length record to text, optionally inserting delimiters and labels, correcting for byte order, and/or inserting a record number count. binload: Load data into a binary file using simple commands from the input. binorder: Sort, merge, search, retrieve or generate test data consisting of fixed size binary records. binreplace: Command line utility that may be used in scripts to find or find/replace in binary files. Initial release supports only fixed length binary sequences for FIND and REPLACE patterns. binsplit: Split test data consisting of fixed size binary records into one or more output streams. Split can be either by record order or by key order, where a key is a defined range of bytes in each record. chardiff: Find changes between two files at the character level. Unlike diff, it lists just the characters that differ, so if the 40,000th character is different only that one character will be shown, not the entire line. columnadd: Add columns of integers, decimals, and/or times. datasniffer A utility for formatting binary data dumps. Handy for reverse engineering binary data files if the contents are either already partially known or are expected to be intelligible upon careful examination. dmath Double precision interactive command line math calculator. (Same math functions as in extract.) extract: A utility that is designed to extract and emit data from text files based on character or token position. In many instances it can replace tr, sed, or awk. execinput: A utility that reads from stdin and executes each line as a command in a subprocess. indexed_text: A utility for rapid retrieval of text by line numbers, in any order, from a text file. mdump: A utility for formatting binary data. Handy for decoding foreign binary data files. msgqueue: A command line interface to create message queues and send/receive messages. mbin: Multiple buffer in and out. Used for buffering a lot mbout: of data between a slow device and a fast device. Mostly for buffering streaming tape drives for use with slower network connections, so that streaming is maintained as much as possible to minimize wear on the tape device. pockmark: Corrupt data streams - useful for testing error correction and data recovery. tarsieve: Filter, list, or split a tar file. Other files: CMakeLists.txt Cmake build. math_funcs.c Common math functions for extract and dmath math_funcs.h sol8.h A few bits and pieces to work around missing things in the Solaris 8 system libraries. (Note, there still minor incompatibilities, some NAN on other systems are -INF here.) Script for testing binformat. Script for testing binload. Script for testing binorder. Script for testing binformat. Script for testing chardiff. Script for testing dmath Script for testing dmath in mingw Script for comparing incremental versions of extract. Script for testing new features in 1.1.0 and up. (Also contains many scripting examples.) Note - slight numeric differences in gcc trig libraries may cause to fail test 33 on some platforms. (16331239353195370.000000 vs. 16331778728383844.000000) Script for testing extract features as in, but not requiring an older extract binary for comparison. Script for testing new features in mingw. Script for testing indexed_text. Script for testing mdump. Script for testing tarsieve. Build instructions: Option 1: Use cmake. Inspect the CMakeLists.txt and verify that it will install to the directory you want. Then do: mkdir build cd build cmake .. make make install Option 2: Edit the build_(OSNAME) scripts as desired and run them. Supported targets are linux, solaris, and mingw. The test scripts must use gnu diff which is not the default on Solaris - edit that path before running. There are up to 2 failures in and which are due to slight differences in the values calculated by the math libraries on different platforms and clib versions. There is also a 3rd failure in unless test_dmath is compiled with -DUSETOK. That is not the default as that is just a testing mode for some code only used in extract. The mingw build will issue some warnings: warning: ISO C does not support the 'I64' ms_scanf length modifier [-Wformat] which may be ignored. These are the result of trying to use std=c99 with the MS supplied scanf which uses a non-ISO C format instead of lld. Dependenies: The required libraries are most likely already installed in a Linux environment, but some pieces may be missing on Solaris. These are: Install with (Solaris) libpcre pkg-get -i pcre libsigsegv pkg-get -i libsigsegv libintl pkg-get -i libintl Windows notes: The mingw programs will run in a DOS window. All are linked to a Microsoft C RTL on the host system and consequently any \n in an output line will actually emit \r\n, which is the default end of line marker on Windows. The -b switch will leave \n as \n, but only if the binary was built with a C99 compatible compiler or -DMSCRTL was used (for instance, on mingw). As of version 1.1.6 all of these programs are covered by the GNU General Public License, Version 2. A copy of the license terms is found in the LICENSE file. Program versions in this distribution: accudate.c 1.0.9 14-NOV-2012 binformat.c 0.0.8 15-NOV-2017 binload.c 0.0.6 13-NOV-2017 binorder.c 0.0.18 22-SEP-2017 binreplace.c 1.0.3 14-NOV-2012 binsplit.c 0.0.3 08-NOV-2017 chardiff.c 0.0.5 13-NOV-2017 columnadd.c 1.0.3 12-NOV-2012 datasniffer.c 1.0.4 07-JUN-2011 execinput.c 1.0.1 19-OCT-2006 extract.c 1.1.18 12-FEB-2018 indexed_text.c 1.0.3 15-NOV-2017 mbin.c 1.0.4 14-NOV-2012 mbout.c 1.0.3 12-NOV-2012 mdump.c 1.0.7 08-NOV-2017 msgqueue.c 1.0.2 23-OCT-2006 pockmark.c 1.0.5 01-JUL-2015 tarsieve.c 1.0.0 18-JUN-2013 test_math.c 0.0.10 06-JAN-2016 Distribution History 1.1.27 Fixed a bug in extract. Fixed an unitialized field in extract. Fixed output and record position bugs in binorder. Fixed obscure errno issue in binorder, binload, binformat. Added -sat, {, and } to binload. Added CMakeLists.txt for cmake build. Added, (replaces 1.1.26 Moved common code from test_math.c and extract.c into math_funcs. Tweaks to a few programs. 1.1.25 Added binload, binsplit, binorder, binformat, indexed_text and corresponding test scripts. pockmark added minrun, mingap, changed start state. 1.1.24 Added binmerge. Fixed new compiler warnings: test_math.c, extract.c 1.1.23 Fixed stupid bug in pockmark. 1.1.22 Modified pockmark, updated its documentation. 1.1.21 Added chardiff. 1.1.20 Fixed a bug in extract that could result in a crash. Updated its test scripts and documentation. Slight modification of behavior of extract -template. 1.1.19 Fixed a bug in extract that could result in a crash. 1.1.18 Added tarsieve. Updated link to drm_tools download site in man and html pages which had not already been corrected. 1.1.17 Fixed a regression in extract which was affecting -fmt with consecutive [] clauses. Modified documentation and test scripts. Modified documentation following suggestions by "Tanya". 1.1.16 Added bitwise operators and integer formats to dmath and extract. Fixed some bugs in extract. Updated documentation for dmath and extract. Fixed minor bug in extract. Changed all programs to use -DMSCRTL, some were using -DMSCLIB for the same thing. 1.1.15 Document some solaris dependencies. Slight changes to sol8.h. Fix compiler warnings on newer gcc. Changed build scripts, moved -l(lib) after name.c. 1.1.14 (Re)ported to mingw. All run except msgqueue, which is too Unix specific. Fixed a couple of minor bugs in various programs. Added binary output mode for extract (for systems other than Linux/Unix.) 1.1.13 fixed a couple of bugs in new version of extract. 1.1.12 major changes to extract (uses and requires PCRE, added scripting and math capabilities). Added dmath. 1.1.11 added binreplace, two minor buf fixes to pockmark, slight change in build scripts to suppress a warning for mbout. 1.1.10 added pockmark 1.1.9 bug fixes in extract. 1.1.8 bug fixes in extract, datasniffer, mbin, and mbout. Added sorts for multitoken fields to extract. 1.1.7 modified extract to support adding delimiters between single letter fields (expanded existing -bs function). 1.1.6 Added mbin/mbout. Changed the license from proprietary to GPL 2 on all programs. Adjusted version numbers and documentation to reflect the new license and update copyrights. 1.1.5 Extract version 1.0.33, fixes one minor bug and one potential bug. Removed unneeded unistd.h include in some programs. No functional changes. 1.1.4 Added columnadd. Slightly modified the other man and html pages. 1.1.3 Modified extract slightly to simplify iftermeol 1.1.1 Modified extract slightly so that it could also emit line lengths. 1.1.0 Added datasniffer. Removed include of unistd.h from all but msgqueue.c. 1.0.0 Initial release
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