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  • Added build environment and official support for DQSD on Win64 (Kim Gräsman, Charlie Russel)
  • Argentinian, Canadian and US holidays updated for 2008-10 (Carlos Atashian, Charlie Russel, Steve Poirier)
  • Lots of code cleanup

New searches

  • dee - search's music library (mll)
  • twit - Twitter search (Tom Corcoran)
  • df - Word definition popup search (David Blume)
  • ww - search (Shawn K. Hall)
  • robtex - Find info about a hostname or an IP address through (mll)
  • ypfr - Get an address for a professional in France (MLL)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where resizing the toolbar horizontally would eventually yield a script error (Kim Gräsman)
  • Fixed bug #2497377: Script error on startup on Windows Vista. (Kim Gräsman)

Modified searches

  • imdb - corrects search functionality (Steve Poirier)
  • ths - adjusted to new site (Tom Corcoran)
  • whois - now an alias for whi -- whois search required CAPTCHA, so removed it. (Kim Gräsman)
  • wpfr - changed to fit site changes (MLL)
  • viam - changed to fit site changes (MLL)

Removed searches

  • qac - service retired (Shawn K. Hall)
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