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  • Seems a bit old-fashioned, as in Windows 95 look and feel. The icons and text font are huge. Also, there's no way to set the window to a single panel. Sliding the middle bar left or right makes the entire file/directory view slide down because it's trying to fit all the icons in the toolbar into a single column.

  • Coming from TC, going to nowhere.

  • thank you very much

  • The only true replacement for Total Commander. And I've tried them all! Tab-Options feature is really cool (don't know if TC had it). I've been using it for 2 years now and don't even consider TC anymore, even in Windows. Iz should be on 1.0 since it's pretty much a complete software. If this gets any better it should receive 6 stars. :)

  • I use it on Window10, Mac OS and Linux, write custom plugins very useful application and free

  • This is a great application. It covers my core usage scenarios and keeps user interface simple. The later is tougher than it sounds. There are lots of file managers out there and they are all loaded with features and ... hard to use. I have been using 2xExplorer for a while, but it is getting old. The replacment Xplorer2 is a mixed bag. More features and less obvious. Xplorer2 is overwhelming in terms of user interface elements throws at the user. I have tried NexusFile5 and it has a very clean interface. It is my favorite. But it does not provide a file search. That kills it for me. Non standard shortcuts for copy move operations are a killer as well. It is a little thing, but matters. It is probably the only app authors of doublecmd shall take a look at to improve their usability. I have tried FreeCommander XE and while it has every feature it is just overwhelming in terms of user interface elements available to me. Now just about every app provides quick jump to drive letters. If you are like me and have C: D: E: F: K: L: O: and more at times this quick jump feature is useless. Why? because I don't remember what each letter represents which drive. This application provides the same choice, but lets me to remove the toolbar that only takes space. It actually does better, but keeping a current letter and if I click on it it displays the list of all drive letters with descriptions! That's the way to go. It starts fast. That's very important for file manager. It has built-in image file viewer. Most do. Its quick preview is the way I expect: it replaces the other panel's content. It shall be available as a button next to thumbnails button by default as it is a form of the view. It still can highlight different files in the panels. That's a must to have for double panel type of file manager. It has a flat view. That's a nice touch most don't have. It does not have jump to "My Computer". Windows these days can have special folders mounted there. It can be quite difficult to jump to those special folders. It have all kinds of special folders and OS variables which is great. But missing "This PC" level can be a loss. It is a great application that deserves much more attention than others. I wish I could put "no opinion" on my review. I have no opinion on support and I don't expect support from a free app.

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  • Super useful and free :) I just miss an option to assign colors to tabs

  • I love it! After getting disappointed lately with Krusader's support, and being a Total Commander huge fan, I found Double Commander to be the closest alternative to it! Almost every signle feature of TC works on Linux, thank you so much! Looking forward to 1.0 release!

  • Very good commander, the interface is friendly!

  • Best manager I used.

  • Great Filemanager! Only CON is not app related, it's the accts not permitted...lame. Would have liked to give input. Q: Is it possible to show extensions as part of the filename in Full View? ( full filename) A: Yes! Options --> Custom Columns : edit Field Contents for 'Name' column --> Remove 'NOEXT'. Delete the Extension column. Save as new configuration and restart. Right Click on column header (both panes) and choose saved configuration. Done! Works perfectly.

  • The best commander! I use on linux

  • Doublecmd is my go to file manager most of the time under Linux and all of the time under Windows. To date it has performed flawlessly. Thanks!!

  • Очень нужная вещь, особенно под линукс.

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  • Good free replacement for TotalCommander

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  • The most efficient GUI for file operations (and more!) in the Linux world. It is a perfect Total Commander clone and therefore eases transition from the Windows world. Keep up the excellent work! THANK YOU!!!! :D

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  • great

  • Double Commander is the best file manager that we have used. It works well in Windows and Linux.

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  • One of the best file managers! Open source allows him to always develop at the expense of enthusiasts! Thank you for such a program! Just great! Один из лучших файловых менеджеров! Открытый исходный код позволит ему всегда развиваться за счет энтузиастов! Спасибо за такую программу! Просто молодцы!

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  • Finally the open source file commander I was searching for years. Excellent work sir.

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  • I use Total Commander since 1992. I'm under linux since summer 2013 and using Double Commander since last 2013. It is excellent and replace Total Commander in most cases. It is one of the best file manager I know. I have some crashes, and packing zip files is not always usable, but for most actions it is excellent. I recommend it to all my friends.

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  • The best GPL file manager! And it is being regularly updated!

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  • Free, ease and functional.

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  • Will not run on windows 7 with Virusscan Enterprise 8.8.0

  • klas

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