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README.txt 2012-07-25 22.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
dos2unix-6.0.1-win64.zip 2012-07-25 214.2 kB 11 weekly downloads
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dos2unix-6.0.1-win32.zip 2012-07-25 243.0 kB 0
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dos2unix-6.0.1.tar.gz 2012-07-25 70.5 kB 11 weekly downloads
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2012-07-25 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Version 6.0.1 2012-07-20 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: Target 'html' makes also Dutch and Spanish HTML manuals. 2012-07-18 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * manual: Update for options -n and -o. Describe the new permissions of the output file in new-file and old-file mode. * README.txt: Added references for the findutils package for Windows and DOS to enable recursive conversions on those platforms. 2012-05-20 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * common.h: Fix compiler warnings "implicit declaration of function 'strcasecmp'". Thanks to Michael Schindler <k-m_schindler@sourceforge.net>. 2012-05-11 Julio A. Freyre-Gonzalez <jfreyreg@gmail.com> * Update Spanish messages and manual. 2012-05-06 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Version 6.0 * man/*/man1/*.pod: Removed =encoding. It is not supported by perl 5.8.8, which is shipped with MinGW and DJGPP. 2012-04-20 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * man/*/man1/*.pod: Set encoding explicitly to Latin-1. * Makefile: Target 'doc' makes all man pages. 2012-04-12 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * po/de.po: Update German translations. Thanks to Philipp Thomas. 2012-04-09 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * INSTALL.txt: List the prerequisites. * Makefile: Friendlier for DJGPP/MinGW/MSYS. 2012-04-04 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * po/eo.po: Update Esperanto translations. Thanks to Rugxulo. 2012-03-30 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Skip UTF-16 file when conversion to UTF-8 goes wrong. * Update English and Dutch manual. 2012-03-28 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * common.c: Support UTF-16 surrogate pairs. * dos2unix.c, unix2dos.c: Check wchar_t size. 2012-03-26 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * *.c: Use fgetc/fputc instead of getc/putc. 2012-03-25 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * po, man: Update Dutch translations. 2012-03-24 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * On Unix, convert UTF-16 files only when the locale encoding is UTF-8 to prevent accidental loss of text. 2012-03-23 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Turn off ISO and 7-bit mode if an Unicode text file is detected, to prevent corruption of UTF-8 files. * Update English manual. * Fix compilation for WatcomC, DJGPP, MSYS, OS/2. * Makefile: Support CFLAGS_USER, LDFLAGS_USER, and DEFS_USER for Debian Linux. Thanks to Jari Aalto. 2012-03-21 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Support conversion of Unicode UTF-16 from stdin. * Update English manual. 2012-03-20 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Support conversion of Unicode UTF-16 encoded files. 2012-03-16 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * common.c: Make it compile on Cygwin 1.5. 2012-03-10 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Version 5.3.3 * Makefile: Binary packages with native language support get "-nls" suffix. 2012-03-08 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * common.c: Option -V prints target OS on DOS/Windows/OS2. 2012-03-07 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix.c, unix2dos.c, mingw64.mak: Enabled wildcard expansion for Win64 (MinGW-w64). Thanks to Steve Hay. * wccdos16.mak: Enabled wildcard expansion. * wccdos32.mak: Enabled wildcard expansion. * wccwin32.mak: Enabled wildcard expansion. * bcc.mak: Enabled wildcard expansion. 2012-03-02 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: New target 'mostlyclean' that preserves the manual files. Target 'clean' removes all built files, it restores the Unix source package to its original state. * Makefile: New variable HTMLEXT to override the default 'htm' extension for the manual in HTML format. 2012-02-01 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile, version.mk: Fix a compile error when debug is enabled. Thanks to Maurizio Camisaschi and Lars Wendler. See https://bugs.gentoo.org/400769 * Makefile: Enable debugging info for gdb when DEBUG=1 * man page: Small update in section RETURN VALUE. 2012-01-27 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Version 5.3.2 2012-01-02 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * os2.mak: Enable support for wild cards (-Zargs-wild). Thanks to Steven H. Levine and Elbert Pol. 2011-12-20 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * querycp.c: Extra comment from Rugxulo. * querycp.c: Undid change of 2011-11-12. MSYS version behaves as Cygwin version. 2011-12-15 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * wccdos32.mak: New makefile for Open Watcom for DOS32. 2011-12-06 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: Undo previous change for Darwin. Not restoring group and owner may be destructive or a security risk. * Makefile, common.[ch]: Dos2unix builds on MSYS now. 2011-12-02 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: For MacOS the option -DNO_CHOWN has been be added to the compile time flags. This is necessary because Darwin will create files with the file-owner-group set to the file-owner-group of the directory - EVEN if the caller is not a member of the group! Chowning *from* the group is ok, chowning *to* the group is not - and this will make unix2dos fail when it tries to restore the permissions. Thanks to Wolf Geldmacher. See bug report 3444337, https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=1234808&aid=3444337&group_id=292083 2011-11-16 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * README.txt, man/man1/dos2unix.pod: Freshmeat changed name to Freecode. 2011-11-12 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * querycp.c: Fix for MSYS. 2011-10-20 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * querycp.c: Support OS/2, and Watcom C for Win32. * wccwin32.mak: New makefile for Open Watcom for Win32. 2011-08-22 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: Added RPM_OPT_FLAGS to LDFLAGS. Required for cross-platform RPM package building. 2011-08-20 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Home page URL: change to http://waterlan.home.xs4all.nl/dos2unix.html 2011-08-09 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Version 5.3.1 2011-08-08 Julio A. Freyre-Gonzalez <jfreyreg@gmail.com> * Spanish translation of messages and manual. 2011-06-26 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * bugfix: dos2unix changes ownership and permissions on file. When an other user (e.g. root) than the owner has write permission on the input file, dos2unix changes owner, group and umask in old file mode to the other user's owner, group and umask who runs dos2unix. Fixed only for Unix. Thanks to Christopher Williams. See http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3327171&group_id=292083&atid=1234808 * Keep permissions also on Windows. Use chmod() i.s.o. fchmod(). 2011-06-16 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Identical functions from dos2unix.c and unix2dos.c are moved to common.c. 2011-06-15 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Dos2unix and Unix2dos share the same language files. 2011-05-04 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix.c: Removed redundant ConvertDosToUnixOldFile(). * unix2dos.c: Removed redundant ConvertUnixToDosOldFile(). 2011-04-26 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Version 5.3 2011-04-23 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Don't report an error when unlink() fails because a file doesn't exist. 2011-04-13 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Print system error when input file can't be openened. For instance "Permission denied" * Update manuals. * Update translations. 2011-04-04 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Always print and return an error when wrong command-line options are used. Also in quiet mode. * New option '--': Treat all following options as file names. 2011-04-03 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Improved error reporting. Return system error when an error occurs. * Don't quit after first error (like rm, ls, grep, tar). * In quiet mode the return value is always zero. 2011-03-27 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Check if symbolic links point to regular files. * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Added short options -F, -R, -S. * po: update translations. 2011-03-24 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Changed options --follow, --no-follow, to --follow-symlink, --replace-symlink, --skip-symlink. * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Options --force and --safe are only to covert binary files or skip them. * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Non-regular files that are not symbolic links are never converted. 2011-03-23 Charles Wilson <cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm> * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: New options --follow and --no-follow. In follow mode dos2unix writes to the symlink target, instead of replacing the symbolic link with an output file. 2011-03-22 Charles Wilson <cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm> * querycp.c: Behave on Cygwin same as on Linux. Default code page in ISO mode is CP437. 2011-03-21 Charles Wilson <cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm> * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: - Cygwin may define WIN32 (via include files). - bugfix: Cygwin: set mode to binary in stdio mode conversion. Needed in case non-Cygwin program launches dos2unix. - bugfix: set failure mode if rename fails in quiet mode. - New option: -s, --safe. Opposite of -f, --force. * Makefile: Cleanup for Cygwin. 2011-03-19 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: Install links instead of binary/manpage copies on Cygwin. 2011-03-05 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * man/man1/dos2unix.pod: Replace GPL with FreeBSD license. * man/nl/man1/dos2unix.pod: Replace GPL with FreeBSD license. 2011-03-04 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Version 5.2.1 2011-03-03 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Don't print used code page in quiet mode. 2011-03-02 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Esperanto x-notation format is optional. Default is Unicode. There is no installation of an 'eo-x' locale any more. Add EO_XNOTATION=1 to make command-line to select x-notation. It will change the format of the normal 'eo' locale from Unicode to ASCII x-notation. 2011-02-28 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: Make LFS optional with variable LFS (default on). * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Print file name with stat() system error. 2011-02-26 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Report system error when stat() fails. * Makefile: Enable 64 bit file system interface (_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64). This enables opening files larger than 2GB on 32 bit systems, provided the system has Large File Support (LFS). See also section 1.3.4 "Feature Test Macros" of The GNU C Library manual. http://www.gnu.org/s/libc/manual/html_node/Feature-Test-Macros.html 2011-02-22 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * In debug mode file mode is printed (compile with DEBUG=1). 2011-02-19 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: Generation of PostScript and PDF is optional. This removes dependency on Groff and GhostScript (thanks to Philipp Thomas). 2011-02-04 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Makefile: Replace GPL (accidently patched in) with FreeBSD license. * man/man1/Makefile: Fix perl command for for DOS alike file systems (Can't do inplace edit without backup.). (thanks to Elbert Pol) 2011-01-31 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Version 5.2 2011-01-19 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Update manual. 2011-01-13 Rugxulo <rugxulo@gmail.com> * querycp.c: Active code page detection. DOS 16 bit, OpenWatcom. 2011-01-12 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * querycp.c: Detect active code page for ISO mode on Windows. 2011-01-12 Rugxulo <rugxulo@gmail.com> * querycp.c: Detect active code page for ISO mode. DOS 32 bit, DJGPP. 2011-01-11 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * New ISO conversion modes DOS CP860 (Portuguese) and CP863 (French Canadian). 2011-01-10 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * New ISO conversion mode DOS CP865 (Nordic). 2011-01-07 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * ISO mode CP437: fix conversion of non-breaking space (NBSP) * New ISO conversion modes: DOS CP850 (Western European) and Windows CP1252 (Western European). * SunOS compatible command-line options -ascii, -iso, -7, -437, -850. 2011-01-04 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * 7bit and iso mode can be used in Mac mode. 2010-11-22 Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net> * Small updates man page and Makefile. 2010-11-21 Ben Pfaff <blp@cs.stanford.edu> * Don't indicate text files with ASCII Form Feed control characters (^L) as binary. Form feed characters are fairly common in GNU software text files, because the GNU coding standards advice to use form feeds to divide text into pages. 2010-11-15 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Put full copyright text in *.h source files (FSF's recommendation). Thanks to Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>. * Don't include generated documentation files in Unix source package. * Create a source package in DOS text format. 2010-08-18 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * version 5.1.1 2010-07-23 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Added Dutch translation of the manual. 2010-07-19 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * MinGW-w64 Makefile added for Windows 64 bit port. 2010-06-20 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Don't ship po/*.mo files in source package. * Win32 binary package uses patched MinGW's libintl, with builtin relocation support. See http://www.xs4all.nl/~waterlan/libintl.html 2010-04-22 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Support compilation in DOSBox (8.3 file names where needed). 2010-04-14 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Fixed compilation on Darwin OS. Thanks to Marc Gianzero. 2010-04-03 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * version 5.1 2010-03-22 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Man page generation from Perl POD file. Thanks to Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net> * Merge dos2unix and unix2dos man pages. 2010-03-17 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Add localization information to manual. 2010-03-16 Rugxulo <rugxulo@gmail.com> * Added Esperanto translation. 2010-03-13 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * DJGPP, dos32bit: Create 'stubs' for mac2unix and unix2mac. See also http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/v2faq/faq22_5.html Thanks to Rugxulo <rugxulo@gmail.com> 2010-03-11 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Allow to set options in stdio mode. * dos2unix: bugfix MAC mode: Don't change DOS line endings. * Display help if a wrong option was used. 2010-03-04 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Port to 16 bit DOS, using OpenWatcom. 2010-03-03 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Port to 16 bit DOS, using Borland C. 2010-02-16 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * version 5.0 2010-02-15 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * unix2dos: Fix problem of reading Mac files. * unix2dos: Added command 'unix2mac'. * unix2dos: Can use DOS2UNIX_LOCALEDIR i.s.o. UNIX2DOS_LOCALEDIR. * dos2unix: 'mac2unix' command can have a prefix. * Makefile: mac2unix and unix2mac are installed as soft links. 2010-02-13 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * Bundled dos2unix and unix2dos in one package. * dos2unix/unix2dos : Cleanup messages and manual. * dos2unix: Option -l --newline also works in MAC mode. * unix2dos: Added option -l, --newline. * unix2dos: Added MAC mode. Convert Unix line endings to Mac line endings. 2010-02-10 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * unix2dos: Makefile : - Use GNU standard directory variables everywhere. - New target 'dist-tbz' creates bzip2 compressed archive. 2010-02-10 Philipp Thomas <psmt@opensuse.org> * unix2dos: po/de.po : Added German translation. * unix2dos: Makefile : - Added $(RPM_OPT_FLAGS) to CFLAGS. - Use DESTDIR only in install and uninstall targets (not in variables, this is more common practice). 2010-02-03 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix: Makefile : - Use GNU standard directory variables everywhere. 2010-02-03 Philipp Thomas <psmt@opensuse.org> * dos2unix: po/de.po : Added German translation. * dos2unix: Makefile : - Use GNU standard directory variable 'datadir' i.s.o. 'sharedir'. - Added $(RPM_OPT_FLAGS) to CFLAGS. - New target 'dist-tbz' creates bzip2 compressed archive. - Use DESTDIR only in install and uninstall targets (not in variables, this is more common practice). 2010-02-02 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix/unix2dos: Update Dutch translation. 2010-01-24 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 4.1.2 2010-01-22 Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com> * dos2unix/unix2dos: Preserve file mode in 'new file mode'. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Makefile: Allow CFLAGS to be set externally. 2010-01-21 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 4.1.1 * dos2unix/unix2dos: Fix compilation on FreeBSD. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Changed home page URL to http://www.xs4all.nl/~waterlan/dos2unix.html 2009-12-28 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 4.1 * dos2unix/unix2dos: Automatically skip binary files. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Automatically skip non-regular files. * dos2unix/unix2dos: New option: -f --force: Force conversion of all files. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Option -h: Print options in alphabetical order. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Update manual. * dos2unix/unix2dos: ISO mode: - Non-convertable characters are converted to a dot. Old conversion risked conversion to unwanted ISO C1 control characters from ISO 6429. - Fixed wrong conversion of Interpunct. - Don't convert ASCII control characters DC4 (Pilcrow, 0x14) and NAK (Section-sign, 0x15). 2009-12-21 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 4.0.1 * dos2unix/unix2dos: man page improvements: Thanks to Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>. - Replace hyphens with minus signs (look like dashes) where needed. - Options in alphabetical order. * dos2unix/unix2dos: man page: Update ISO mode information. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Option -V prints localedir used. * dos2unix: Localedir can be overruled with environment variable DOS2UNIX_LOCALEDIR. * unix2dos: Localedir can be overruled with environment variable UNIX2DOS_LOCALEDIR. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Fixed two wrong conversions in ISO mode: - Greek mu. - Closing guillemet (angle quotation mark, >>). * dos2unix/unix2dos: Port to OS/2 Warp: Thanks to Elbert Pol <elbertdotpol@gmail.com>. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Makefiles: Added target 'strip'. 2009-12-15 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 4.0 * dos2unix/unix2dos: Added internationalisation using gettext. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Added Dutch translation. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Ported to Win32 using Mingw32 <http://www.mingw.org/> * dos2unix/unix2dos: Ported to DOS using DJGPP <http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/> * dos2unix/unix2dos: Fixed problem in DOS/Windows stdio mode. * dos2unix/unix2dos: New option -L/--license that prints software license. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Code cleanup * dos2unix/unix2dos: Update manual 2009-12-04 Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xs4all.nl> * dos2unix: version 3.2 * unix2dos: version 2.3 * dos2unix/unix2dos: version.mk: New file. * dos2unix/unix2dos: README: New file. * dos2unix/unix2dos: ChangeLog : New file. * dos2unix: INSTALL: Updated. * dos2unix/unix2dos: Makefile: Makefile according GNU standards. * unix2dos: INSTALL: New file. * dos2unix: Applied all patches from RedHat: - use mkstemp i.s.o. mktemp: Nov 17 2000 Tim Powers <timp@redhat.com> - segfault: Jan 17 2002 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <bero@redhat.com> - safeconv: Oct 20 2004 Miloslav Trmac <mitr@redhat.com> - manpage-update: Oct 6 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris@redhat.com> - preserve-file-modes: Feb 6 2007 Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com> - tmppath: Apr 13 2005 Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com> - c-missing-arg: Jan 18 2008 Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com> - Remove trailing white space. * unix2dos: Applied all patches from RedHat: - use mkstemp i.s.o. mktemp: Nov 17 2000 Tim Powers <timp@redhat.com> - segfault: Jan 17 2002 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <bero@redhat.com> - manpage-update: Oct 6 2004 Mike A. Harris <mharris@redhat.com> - preserve-file-modes: Oct 11 2004 Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com> - tmppath: Apr 13 2005 Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com> - Remove trailing white space. 1998-11-19 Christian Wurll <wurll@ira.uka.de> * dos2unix: version 3.1 * dos2unix: Added extra newline if ^M occurs 1998-02-04 Bernd Johannes Wuebben <wuebben@kde.org> * dos2unix: version 3.0 * dos2unix: Added Mac text file translation, i.e. \r to \n conversion 1995-03-30 Benjamin Lin <blin@socs.uts.edu.au> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 2.2 * dos2unix: Fixed a bug in 2.1 where in new file mode, if outfile already exists * dos2unix: conversion can not be completed properly. * unix2dos: Conversion from SunOS charset implemented. 1995-03-29 Benjamin Lin <blin@socs.uts.edu.au> * dos2unix: version 2.1 * dos2unix: Conversion to SunOS charset implemented. 1995-03-19 Benjamin Lin <blin@socs.uts.edu.au> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 2.0 * dos2unix/unix2dos: Rewritten from scratch. 1995-03-16 Benjamin Lin <blin@socs.uts.edu.au> * dos2unix: version 1.2 * unix2dos: version 1.3 * dos2unix/unix2dos: Modified to more conform to UNIX style. 1995-03-09 Benjamin Lin <blin@socs.uts.edu.au> * unix2dos: version 1.2 * unix2dos: Fixed minor typo error 1994-12-20 Benjamin Lin <blin@socs.uts.edu.au> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 1.1 * dos2unix/unix2dos: Cleaned up for Borland C/C++ 4.02 1989-10-04 John Birchfield <jb@koko.csustan.edu> * dos2unix/unix2dos: version 1.0
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-07-25

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