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  • I sincerly assume this program one of the best software I at all times tried! => consider having a look at this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • I Really assume this app one of the best program I ever used! => have a look at this webiste for Free keys :

  • Very exciting game among simple ones. Written in Java is both advantage and disadvantage. Hope you consider to port this game to Qt framework. Nevertheless, the game itself is very nice.

  • Nice implementation of the board game

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  • Excellent project - just played a 4 player offline game using the classic map and it worked flawlessly.

  • Excellent software. A lot of hard work has been put into this. I've been playing it for years now on both Windows and Android. Very stable on both platforms. I believe it is by far the best Risk type game out there. And it's lots of fun. Thanks everyone!. A wishlist... a) include the names of countries on the cards b) a user blacklist on the local machine that screens out online players c) permanent nicknames - Get rid of Guestxxxxx nicknames d) in online lobby - show Wins/ Losses/Resignations and the ability for the creator of the game to reject a player. Some players resign right after starting a game or delay a game so much as it ruins it for other players. This would allow the online game creator (host) to reject these people. Again thank you for all the work. Much appreciated!

  • I love this project! It has many active players, and it has many features, such as user generated maps, and even AI :D Well done!

  • Amazing game, perfect Risk clone, with smart computer players. For those that say cards are overpowered, there are settings which allow you to change the card power from increasing to fixed. Good install experience, used on Android too, very fun. I like the statistics too. Great user created maps too.

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  • This game is fine at first. However soon the cards become overpowered and the game just turns into a casino bar. Would play this game if they make it an option to play without stupid cards.

  • I have a machine I have been using without any virus problems for about three years. I installed domination at 1:54pm and i played a few games online and against the computer. by 8pm several of my software programs started crashing--namely windows live writer and ... i can't remember the other one that went haywire. anyway i went to uninstall domination and it wasn't visible in the control panel - uninstall programs menu. then i manually deleted the program files i could find. then i tried to run windows defender to scan my machine and it was turned off and refused to turn on. i installed comodo system cleaner and am trying to install antivir to do a scan of the computer. Before i did a fresh install of W7 a few years ago I was constantly battling a virus that was in my system. I am really sick of that I don't want to go back to that. The game was pretty nice but I wish I didn't install it.

  • Don't bother! Yet another game that uses "DICE ROLLS" to make up for AI. 84.5% of the time the AI wins the first roll. Every battle you make you will ALWAYS loose 3 dice to 2 many times. Once I attacked with 15 to 5 and lost 3 to 5. You will loose 2,4,6 and even 8,10 in a row many times before the AI looses one. I will continue my search for a risk like game, that has "real dice"

  • They tried to update the game but wound up messing everything up. A Lot of players cannot even log on, players who support the by buying crystals cannot log on with no response from Plarium staff just a bunch of bull. Still like it.

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  • If you like the classic board game Risk then get Domination. Dozens of pre-built maps and a map editor are included.

  • Fabulous game. I am loving it .. Try it, its fun :)

  • Minor correction. Middle east should be connected to East Africa. That's how it was in my board game.

  • Nice game!

  • Nice game. I liked it very much. Thanks!

  • Nice game. I enjoyed playing it a lot.

  • nice game with many options

  • Works decently enough on FreeBSD. There were some errors when I clicked on the 3D tab, though. Fun to play.

  • One of the epic PC games you've probably never heard of!

  • Great tool; it's been very helpful for scripts and such over the years

  • I love this program and highly recommend it.

  • Very Useful tool.

  • It's Very Good!

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