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  • Büyük boyutlu arşivde uygulama çöküyor. İşletim sistemi Win10 application crashes in large archive Os:Win10

  • This looked like exactly what I needed to index a backlog of emails. Unfortunately, after install on a Mac PowerBook Pro with Sierra, the application would not launch. No indication of what the problem was. So my search goes on for a simple indexing tool. Maybe I'll have to roll my own...

  • I downloaded the product from a non-English-speaking country and this app simply assumes I necessarily want the interface to be in the non-English language. This, while painfully primitive interface exposes no option to change the language.

  • I am unable to use it on 64bit win7 ultimate. I read at some place that it works with only 32bit java. Please provide version with 64bit java. Thanks Anil

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  • This thing is JUNK! I cant even get it to complete an index without errors. Out of memory, this index version not compatible, other instance running, takes way to long to load just one small indexed folder. Waste of my time.

  • Its freeware for a reason. Numerous crashes on Windows. Each time you open a file, the entire app vanishes (so when you close the doc you were reading, you need to go back to the system tray). no idea how to close this app. Closing it normally on windows causes the indexing to end forever (even if it were in the middle of indexing). No possibility to resume even if you right click and select UPDATE, nothing happens. You need to drop and recreate the entire app (or reinstall it)...Not sure how its got 5 stars, it was clearly was never meant for use on Windows and should have been written in C. When indexing, shows multitude of javanullpointerexceptions for .ppt and .pdf files. No way to fix. Copernic desktop search is really the only alternative.

  • I am not able to see the video of these tutorials. If I could it is really a good job