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  • Having moved to a Mac platform, I was caught needing a file search and preview capability to help me fill out RFIs and RFPs. DocFetcher to the rescue! Does exactly what I need quickly and easily. Would love to have some keyboard shortcuts to be able to jump to different windows. Thanks for a great utility!!!

  • Excellent product, fast, simple to use and handling a terabyte of data with ease. This is the best full text search engine I've used!

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  • At my work I have tons of txt and xml files which I have to search for something constantly. This tool is my savior.

  • Excellent tool for indexing documents (including text within pdf, chm files). The portable version is an added benefit for indexing documents on portable devices.

  • Indexes folders for very fast future text content searches. Previews text and full html with search term highlighting. If you have a number of documents / letters etc to look through, this is the best cross-platform option for retrieving them.

  • It's very useful tool!

  • provide a powerful tool to search words among a lot of .doc,.pdf etc. files!

  • DocFetcher is truly a great product to work with. Research is a major part of what I do and I use this product a good deal of my time - often for the whole day, daily, for weeks on end. I have never had an operational problem. Except, to be honest, once when I tried to launch the program and I was told that the program was already running. I simply launched the program again anyway and the error message did not appear again. Anyway, if you experience an issue, why not take the time to visit the Forum - instead of bad-mouthing the product out of some frustration (as galaxy11 and shaznay have done). And if something doesn't work as wished for (as with ukelele), why not pursue that also through the forum or via a bug report or a feature request? I have found the support to be exemplary. Responses to my feature requests have been entirely satisfactory - both in speed and content of response, as well as willingness. So far, I have not had to submit a bug report, per se. Not to forget that this is a freeware product - written, maintained, and continually enhanced by an obviously dedicated person entirely voluntarily.

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  • Works fine for pdf, docx and txt, but does not recognize hundreds of my EPUBs! With latest version! It only works using the old function of indexing epub as html. But this is very uncomfortable, because if you get a long list, it is irritating to see 6 html-file-entries for 1 epub-Ebook.

  • I have been using this app for over a year now. It runs from a flash drive and indexes a folder (on the same flash drive) with 2000+ documents containing program sources, spreadsheets, word processing files and PDFs. I simple love it. It is easy to use, quick to find and index and portable. It is an indispensably tool for me as a developer to find quick references in my program sources. I highly advice it and wanted to give a quite shout out to the developers.

  • This thing is JUNK! I cant even get it to complete an index without errors. Out of memory, this index version not compatible, other instance running, takes way to long to load just one small indexed folder. Waste of my time.

  • I always like to try new developed tools for Windows and this one is among my favorites. Its simplicity, usability, potentiality and agreeable UI are most remarkable reasons to enjoy this useful utility. Furthermore is gratis what’s potency your attractiveness. I want to express my gratitude at the developer of this very good idea and his generosity. Thank you Sir.

  • Its freeware for a reason. Numerous crashes on Windows. Each time you open a file, the entire app vanishes (so when you close the doc you were reading, you need to go back to the system tray). no idea how to close this app. Closing it normally on windows causes the indexing to end forever (even if it were in the middle of indexing). No possibility to resume even if you right click and select UPDATE, nothing happens. You need to drop and recreate the entire app (or reinstall it)...Not sure how its got 5 stars, it was clearly was never meant for use on Windows and should have been written in C. When indexing, shows multitude of javanullpointerexceptions for .ppt and .pdf files. No way to fix. Copernic desktop search is really the only alternative.

  • I just wanted to let Quang know that his program is most appreciated and the support on the forum he has given is truly remarkable. I love your program. Thank you. I havent found any free programs that really competes with DocFetcher.

  • An excellent application - Very clean and intuitive UI - extremely easy to build (just run the script) - excellent documentation. I am building on Mac OS. I am a "psuedo-geek", ie, I love software development and using UNIX cl tools, but I hate the "geeky" stuff that usually comes with building for various platforms - usually because it rarely works and requires a lot of tweaking etc, which first requires a lot of extra-curricular reasearch - usually among sources which assume you are already a computer guru. This builds the first time by just running the script. All I have to do is write the Java, and run the script to test. The UI of the final product is very clean and intuitive - very easy to use. Documentation for developing and use is excellent. This is a well-designed app, both for the developer and user. (ps, the core search functionality implements the top-notch and very fast search API Lucene.) Thank you sir for sacrificing your time for such a well-designed app.

  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

  • Excellent product

  • Amazing project, thanks for giving out

  • Very good! I'm not using Windows Search anymore since DocFetcher is faster and gives far more accurate results. It's a bit tedious to setup the exclusion list (files which must not be indexed, e.g. .dat files), especially if you want to index folders with lot of files (100000++) in a reasonable amount of time. But once this is done, you've got a very easy-to-use and powerful desktop search engine.

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  • Exactly what I was looking for, a lightweight alternative to Windows' hopelessly unreliable and bloated built-in search.

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!

  • very good project, thanks!

  • DocFetcher is a very good software. And I'd like to see it in Ubuntu Software Center

  • I was worried. The single CNET review posted gave DocFetcher one star and warned of a blue screen of death. No worries. It loaded quickly and works better than the organic search function in Windows 7. Highly recommended! One caveat. I could not download DocFetcher from the DocFetcher site. Repeated attempts on separate days did not work. That is why I downloaded from CNET.

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