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Release Notes: - epoll, eventfd, and signalfd are now supported - The ARM architecture for Linux is now supported. (Linux currently supports 32-bit ARM EABI.) - The name "DMTCP module" is changed to "DMTCP plugin" (more common terminology). User plugins can greatly customize the behavior of DMTCP. - The dmtcp_checkpoint cmd was resetting the checkpoint interval even if the user did not specify the -i/--interval flag. This is now fixed. - Improved support for a planned Fedora package for DMTCP - On resume from ckpt, zero pages were sometimes expanded (increasing the memory footprint). This affected Java. This is now fixed. - Some bug fixes were provided for programs that intensively create and destroy threads (e.g. OpenMP, Java) - After restart, the floating point rounding mode (fesetround) was not being properly restored. This is now fixed. - There have been requests for support of DMTCP for PBS/TORQUE. Some partial support has now been added to the svn only (_not_ to this release). Please write to us if you need this support from DMTCP. - The FAQ at the DMTCP web site was expanded. - 15% slowdown observed in an unusual case: A user reports that if your program frequently does both of these: a. is heavily multi-threaded; and b. calls malloc/free intensively; This has been diagnosed. It was seen too close to this 1.2.5 release, and so the fix will be provided for the next release (and in the public svn).
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