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  • I like ditto very mutch! BUT I wait for a simple new feature who will improve the user experience and made that I will give 5 stars to ditto:In the list of copied items it must be possible to protect the items in sub directorys. And I want a delete all in the root directory button. In this way it will be possible to all items in the root and to keep all items in sub directorys. A big part of the utility of ditto is shrunked by the fact that it is needed to delete some times the idems in the root mannually to avoid to have thausands of Items in the ditto List.

  • Security warning: I installed this software a few weeks ago. Configured it to save max 50 entries, with an expiration after 1 day. Randomly checked the Ditto database today: it contained OVER 5000 ENTRIES dating +/- back to the day I installed it more than 3 WEEKS ago. Big fat massive SECURITY ISSUE there.

  • The word "essential" is overused. But, in the case of "Ditto" I'm going to use it - as I don't know what I would do without it. "Ditto" = "Essential"

  • I think that Ditto it's a very helpful util that all programmer must have!

  • This does just about anything and is one of the 1st things I install on new computer. Awesome support from the developer via the forum. This is obviously something he uses every day. Lets hope he doesn't switch to OSX :) Took a star away because: - the documentation for anything beyond the basics is a sucky. There's loads of functionality that's alluded to that's impossibly hard to figure out. - the UI is a bit of a dumping ground. Again, lots of functionality that's there...but what does it do/mean?

  • Best Clipboard Manager ever

  • I love it!!!

  • This works really well and increases my productivity by an incredible amount (i'm a programmer). I put the shortcut keys for opening the paste menu on ctrl+shift+v (super paste) I just wish the design of the paste menu got updated sometime.

  • I have been using Ditto for years and I absolutely love it. Works great for me in Win8 and Win7. I'm especially grateful that development has continued. All of my annoyances have been eliminated one-by-one, and I was able to solve things in the mean-time by reading through the forum. Thanks!

  • The gui of it is a little lime.... others are good, great compatibility, enough feature.

  • *

  • I am an extremely fussy/discerning user. Ditto had become one of my all-time favourite applications. Utterly brilliant. BUT recently a bug has appeared that means that after a day or two, when you paste out if the small window of recent clippings, the window is left visible. This means that every single time you paste, you are required to click the little box top right. This is as SERIOUS bug. Normally I would only mention this in the support forums. However the authors are taking a LONG time to fix this problem. Until the fix it Ditto is more or less useless.

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  • Easy to use. Intuitive. +1

  • Nothing comes even remotely close to the use of this, Minus the android "clipper+" with sync, since its on android only then this hands down remains king on desktops! IMHO Must use trust me! Justin Cram DyingJedi

  • This is one of the best Programs I ever discovered. I love this Program. I run it everyday on my Computer I propably use this Program more thanm the Windows-Start-button I can't even work without this Program because I lost all fear to loose data. I am so used to always have a backup in my Ditto no matter what I do. For example I currently store username and passwort in Ditto to this exact account because the passwort is a GUID Design isn't great but fine. I love the Program the way it currently is. keep up the good work (y)

  • Zero stars but this rating not accepted. Totally useless. The 64bit version changes ALL formatting and font information to 'plain vanila' one size, one font, one colour, one line pitch, none of which was present in the original.

  • This is one of those must have apps. This hidden gem I hope soon will be known to the developer world as "GOTTA HAVE IT!" Clean, feature rich and USEFUL! Thank you.

  • A must-have utility

  • Easy to use. Does its job pretty well. Can't imagine living without it anymore.

  • Fairly new users but had to chime in on this. Ditto is one of those surprise apps that seems to get better as you use and learn more about it. Fantastic, use it everyday. Exceeds expectations, And, it has saved me hours of work in recovered web page text. Good show guys. I am going to go to the forum and suggest a couple of things but all in all this is a great tool

  • The best tool. I use this on daily basis. I think I can't live without this at work !!! Thanks for creating such nice awesome tool .

  • This tool is very useful !!!!

  • I use the portable version everyday and Ditto always worked like a charm.

  • One of the first things I install on a new PC.....

  • It really saves time and works fine under Windows 8.1 Update 1 ×64. I guess it would need few tweaks, but it's the best clipboard manager that I found, tested and use.

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