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  • Very good script ! I'd like if there was the possibility to create new directory in Admin mode.

  • hmmm, Carefull if you are using this, just a search for dirlist exploit in google found a lot, including this http address just try this on your own site by adding it to the url dirLIST_files/gallery_files/show_scaled_image.php?image_path=../index.php fixed it by changing //check if image is smaller than a required dimensions of 584 x which case just show the image if($image_attribs[0] <= $scaled_width && $image_attribs[1] <= $scaled_height) { readfile($image_path); exit; } to //check if image is smaller than a required dimensions of 584 x 360 and larger than 0 x which case just show the image if($image_attribs[0] <= $scaled_width && $image_attribs[1] <= $scaled_height && $image_attribs[0] > 0 && $image_attribs[1] >0) { readfile($image_path); exit; }

  • Thank

  • Dir-list is great! Thanks.

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  • very good project, thanks!

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  • Dir-list is wonderful! Thanks.

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  • Nice job worked right out of the box well for us. One thing I would like to see is a progress bar...I am sure you have heard that before but I have some 200+MB uploads and I just tell the users let it be and it will upload. Thanks.

  • can i upload via ftp if any one can solve it . let me know . its a request. And thanks for the Project dirList

  • This is simply the best script for this usage that I have found. Whether it is an audio file or an image file, it just works great! It looks great! And it is super easy to work with! Congratulations to the developer! You have done a fantastic job!

  • Thank you hamoodyjamal, the best file directory and so many options, - changed also the upload to admin only - added a header line What does not work: when you hide the file extensions you can not rename the files, folder renaming works. Thumbnails work only when file extensions are shown. So better do NOT hide the file extensions for now. Wish list: feature to add URLs like contact or links to external web pages in the list. GREAT WORK!

  • After switching to thumbnail view and sort by size the folders are lost, need to fix

  • Looking to hire someone to customize this program. love this little program but I'm wanting to add an option to zip the directory and download them on the fly, please contact me if you can help me do this. designer at wbprints dot com

  • Multiple files selection option is not there.. Here we can select only one file at a time.. anyone of you help me??

  • I love this script so much but I have not been able to make it centralized (aligned in the middle of the page) rather than the default left alignment. I am a PHP newbie. I appreciate if anyone can help with some instructions

  • A really nice framework that helped me a lot!! But, unfortunately it's ful of XSS vulnerabilities. I wrote my own sanitizer functions; i inserted this into admin_login.php; // Clean GET Parameters function clean_get($str){ $folder = $_GET['folder']; $XSS = "/[\>\<\;\\,]/"; $Matcher = preg_match($XSS, $folder); if($Matcher == '1'){ return ''; } else{ return $_GET['folder']; } } $GFolder = clean_get($_GET['folder']); // Clean PosParameters function clean_post($str){ $folder = $_POST['folder']; $XSS = "/[\>\<\;\\,]/"; $Matcher = preg_match($XSS, $folder); if($Matcher == '1'){ return ''; } else{ return $_POST['folder']; } } $PFolder = clean_post($_POST['folder']); And changed all $_GET['folder'] parameters to $GFolder and all $_POST['folder'] parameter i did the same in index.php :) which prevented the cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

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  • Russian language: In file functions.php find function set_local_text($language_id) and change all fuction to function set_local_text($language_id) { /*Index of languages 0: English 1: French 2: German 3: Spanish 4: Russian */ $text = array( 'index_of' => array('Index of', 'Index de', 'Index der','Нndice de','Содержимое папки'), 'key' => array('Key', 'Clй','Schlьssel','Llave','Клавиша'), 'folder' => array('Folder', 'Dossier','Ordner','Carpeta','Папка'), 'file' => array('File','Fichier','Datei','Archivo','Файл'), 'switch_to_list' => array('Switch to list view', 'Passez а vue de liste','Umschalten auf Listenansicht','Cambiar a vista de lista','Режим таблицы'), 'switch_to_thumbnail' => array('Switch to thumbnail view','Switch to vignette','Umschalten auf Symboldarstellung ','Cambiar a vista de miniaturas','Режим предпросмотра'), 'launch_gallery' => array('Launch Gallery', 'Lancer la galerie','Start Galerie','Lanzamiento de la galerнa','Просмотр галереи'), 'launch_media_player' => array('Launch Media Player', 'Lancement media player','Starten Sie Media Player ','Lanzamiento Media Player','Запуск плеера'), 'show_hide_stats' => array('Show/hide statistics','Afficher/cacher les statistiques','Zeigen/verstecken Statistiken','Mostrar/ocultar las estadнsticas','Показать/спрятать статистику'), 'name' => array('Name', 'Nom','Name','Nombre','Имя'), 'size' => array('Size','Taille','GrцЯe','Tamaсo','Размер'), 'date_uploaded' => array('Date Uploaded','Date Uploaded','Date Uploaded','Fecha de la subida','Дата закачки'), 'filesize_limit' => array('Filesize limit','Taille limite','DateigrцЯe begrenzen','Tamaсo lнmite','Ограничение на размер'), 'banned_files' => array('Banned files','Fichiers bannis','Banned Dateien','Prohibido archivos','Заблокироанные файлы'), 'this_page_loaded_in' => array('This page loaded in','Cette page chargйe dans','Diese Seite wurde geladen in','Cargado en esta pбgina','Данная страница загружена за'), 'seconds' => array('seconds','secondes','sekunden','segundo','секунды'), 'upload' => array('Upload','Upload','Hochladen','Subir','Загрузка'), 'select_language' => array('Select Language','Sйlection de la langue','Sprache auswдhlen','Selecciуn de Idioma','Выбор языка'), 'total_folders' => array('Total folders','Total dossiers','Insgesamt Ordner','Total de carpetas','Всего папок'), 'total_files' => array('Total files','Total fichiers','Gesamt-Dateien','Total de archivos ','Всего файлов'), 'total_files_and_folders' => array('Combined','Combinй','Kombinierte','Combinada','Папок и файлов'), 'consuming' => array('consuming', 'consommation','konsum','consumir','занимающие'), 'english' => array('English','Anglais','Englisch','Inglйs','Russian'), 'french' => array('French','Franзais','Franzцsisch','Francйs','Russe'), 'german' => array('German','Allemand','Deutsch','Alemбn','Russisch'), 'spanish' => array('Spanish','Espagnol','Spanisch','Espaсol','Ruso'), 'warning' => array('WARNING', 'AVERTISSEMENT', 'WARNUNG', 'ADVERTENCIA','Внимание'), 'no_go_back' => array('This action is irreversible', 'Cette action est irrйversible', 'Diese Aktion ist nicht mehr rьckgдngig zu', 'Esta acciуn es irreversible','Данное действие недоступно'), 'sure_to_del' => array('Are you sure you want to delete', 'Кtes-vous sыr de vouloir supprimer','Sind Sie sicher, dass Sie lцschen mцchten','їEstбs seguro de que desea eliminar','Вы действительно хотите удалить'), 'check_for_update' => array('Check for update','Vйrifier les mises а jour','Siehe, wenn Update verfьgbar ist',' Comprobar actualizaciуn ','Проверить новую версию'), 'update_available' => array('Update Available','Mise а jour disponible','Update verfьgbar','Actualizaciуn disponible ','Обновление доступно'), 'no_update_found' => array('No Update Found','Pas de mise а jour introuvable','Keine Aktualisierung gefunden','Actualizar no encontrado','Обновление не доступно'), 'current_name' => array('Current name','Nom actuel','Aktuellen namen','Nombre actual','Текущее имя'), 'new_name' => array('New name','Nouveau nom','Neuen namen','Nuevo nombre','Новое имя'), 'rename' => array('Rename','Renommer','Umbenennen','Cambiar el nombre de','Переименовать'), ); foreach($text as $key => $val) $local_text[$key] = $val[$language_id]; return $local_text; }

  • Wow, really nice! I tried to write my own dir list cript, but I failed, so I used this instead... I am working on some file actions (make folder, delete), maybe I can add that to the project if anyone is interested.

  • Great work. I have made some changes: - Added the Portuguese translation; - Added the changes suggested by Blake Cabalka, making file upload only availiable after admin login; - Added the exception of ".exe" in the upload list. Best regards, Paulo Brinca

  • This is an AWESOME script, been using it for a year... exactly what I needed. The new 0.3.0 version is even better. I've modified it so the whole thing is ADMIN ONLY (not just the upload part). The change is very simple in index.php. Find this: elseif($admin_login_link == 1) echo '<td width="90" align="right"><a href="dirLIST_files/admin_login.php?folder='.$_GET['folder'].'">Admin Login</a></td>'; and change it to: elseif($admin_login_link == 1){ echo '<td width="90" align="right"><a href="dirLIST_files/admin_login.php?folder='.$_GET['folder'].'">Admin Login</a></td>'; exit; } Thank you Mohd AlsamarraI for creating dirLIST and everybody else for supporting it.

  • This is a very nice script. The author was happy to help and fast in responding when I wrote with a problem/question. I made several modifications. but only because I needed a table with a very short width and I didn't want the "date" column.

  • i found a way to make it 'admin only' upload... Open 'index.php' and do these 2 small steps... Change this: //File uploading if($file_uploads == 1 && $listing_mode == 0) { ?> To This: //File uploading if($_SESSION['logged_in']) { if($file_uploads == 1 && $listing_mode == 0) { ?> Change this: //File uploading -done } ?> To this: //File uploading -done } } ?>

  • i had 1 problem with the script not displaying the proper directory. 2 emails to the developer later and it is working PERFECTLY! thanks!

  • Subdirectories can not be encrypted, and if so, it would be more perfect.These are my recommendations

  • I modified the script to have 'admin only' upload. Worked great and it helps me a lot. Thank you Blake Cabalka.

  • Using this project for my project here on SF :)

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