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  • always reliable. One of the first utilities I load on every new PC

  • Do not like it too much!

  • Not working

  • I tried DimDim over 2 years ago and I was very excited about what they were doing.. It seems it is no longer an open source option anymore((

  • The open source version hasn't been touched since 2008. That's awful

  • companies like these give open source a bad name.. they use open source for PR and raising funds and as soon as product reaches maturity, they just go closed source.. and dim dim is not the first one to take this sadly wont be the last one either..

  • Dimdim was recently acquired by, which will use its web conferencing technology to extend its Chatter collaboration platform. ( This open source version is dead.

  • I'is a shame when things like this happen

  • It's outdated. I would rather pay to get the assistance and all the bells and whistle I get with,

  • I tried DimDim over 2 years ago and I was very excited about what they were doing.. It seems it is no longer an open source option anymore. It's no longer an OS project anymore... my condolences to all who provided code to the project.

  • It is SOOO outdated, and even their own sales people have admitted that they are no longer supporting the community version, which is in total violation of the GPL license under which it was originally created. Don't lose hope though! There is a newer and much better version of an opensource web-meeting system called "Big Blue Button" at We are working with them to help us migrate away from Dimdim to their much faster and smoother platform. The video quality is 100% better than Dimdim, and their support staff is fantastic! Screw Dimdim, and let them hang themselves with their abandonment of the community that got them to where they are now. GoToMeeting, WebEx, BBB and Cisco will kill them off anyway! Don't let the crooks at Dimdim get you down! Just leave them behind and help drive the revolution with the "Big Blue Button"!

  • The software is great. The company is not so good. I've repeatedly attempted to contact them regarding the status of later open source versions, to no avail. Interestingly, Novell is picking up Dimdim for the Novell Conferencing product, and so I actually had a chance to talk with a Dimdim employee and pose the question. The answer was a very vague dodge of the question. A downside to the actual software - both version 4.5 and 5.0 - is that Linux screen sharing is not supported. I've also pushed them about this, and, again, no real answer.

  • Tried to install it and it requires OpenOffice v2.3. WTF? Open Office is now at v 3.2. I doubt you can even get v2.3 any more.

  • I was a big DimDim advocate when this was first released. Had a Beta account and contributed to their success. Seems like they turned their back on us.

  • It appears the company creating this product used the open source idea long enough to generate revenue. Then the opensource and the community that was built around it was tossed aside. The source available here is VERY outdated when compared to all the changes features and enhancements made to their currently running product.

  • The open source version hasn't been touched since 2008, and appears to be completely unsupported since then.

  • I don't know about the pro version, but we are here testing the community version and as far as we can tell, there's no care anymore from the developers but to sell their product and turn full blind eye on the community.

  • Disappointing Firefox issues with prebuilt VMware image. No easy to follow "how to do" doco to enable the building of your own. Opensource version is 4.5, yet the commercial version is 5.0. Would have thought it should be the other way round.