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Changelog *10/31/14 - Changed 3043.c so letters on the wall can be "looked at" and "read" - Changed ticktock help output by adding the lines: "Diku->Dead Mudlib: ticktock 1200 = 1 hr in Mudtime" - Started editing files with SetRead function so that when "look" sign or letters, etc, the function (:Readsign:) is not in the SetItems mapping. Instead the actual wording of the text "looked" at will return the text. If the SetRead() function is in the SetItems mapping a "phantom" 1 will be returned at the bottom of the text that was "looked" at instead of "read". Completed Rooms with SetRead() function: 3003.c, 3007.c, 3008.c, 3009.c, 3010.c, 3011.c, 3020.c, 3031.c, 3034.c, 3035.c, 3034.c, 3110.c, 3111.c, 3118.c, 3120.c, 3129.c 3301.c COMPLETED! *11-02-14 - Replaced correct magic_user.c file in etc folder *NOT!* see 11-24-14 below Reformmated contents Added comments for documentation Note: if a player is 'cursed' and uses the 'stats' command changes in stats due to the curse will be noticable since the stats command uses the GetStatLevel() function. Affected skills will NOT be noticed because the 'skills' command lists the players max skill regardless of skill ability changes. A creator will be able to see the skill ability change by using the GetSkillLevel("skill") function. May need to change the skills.c command to reflect this. Need to change the function used to determine if an appropriate target for the magic_user is available. The current check is not as efficient as it should be: if(ob && (!ob->GetInCombat() || !ob->GetCurrentEnemy())) return 0; targets = filter(get_livings(env), (: !$1->GetInCombat() && !$1->GetSleeping() :)); tell_room(env, "\nsizeof(targets) is "+sizeof(targets)+"\n", ({ ob })); if( sizeof(targets) < 1 ){ tell_room(env, "\nNO TARGETS\n", ({ ob})); } Need to add functions for elevating the "magic defense" skill if a player is able to resist the magic spell during combat. * 11-03-14 - created new package dds_pa0.9r01.tar.gz - added licenses for Dead Souls Mudlib, DikuMud license, and the license for use of this package (dds_pa0.09r01: DikutoDeadSouls_license * 11-07-14 - Added Optional Files folder - contains files I modified and/or wrote for use with Dead Souls - score.c modified score output - timeinfo.c a command to give output of variables used in functions pertaining to time in the Mud *11-09-14 - replaced light objects with Dead Souls style objects instead of trying to emulate Diku torches and lanterns which are continually lit. *11-19-14 - tidied up pet functions. Need to figure out how to have a notify_fail message if the pet npc can't perform their "order" from the player. *11-20-14 - Added guildmasters for the four classes. They can train skills, teach spells, and advance the player based on experience points and quest points. - Modified base_trainer.c lib file so that the guildmasters that teach spells can only teach spells that they know (ie from their spellbooks). Otherwise they will be able to teach all spells from the spells (lib/secure/powers) directory regardless of class boundaries. *11-24-14 - Worked on magic user.c. Has copius comments to make sure the functions work. Uncomment if you like to see how they work. - Changed levels of 4100_mage.c and 4157_mage.c in /diku-alfa/room/41.zon/npc - Changed morality of 4103_thief.c znd 4155_thief.c located in above directory. Also enabled 'invisibility' and 'sneak' abilities for 4155_thief.c - Worked on pet functions for npc's that can be bought as pets. They behave correctly but need a fail message (as per 11-19-14 comments) if the pet can't execute a players 'order'. Was thinking about setting an array of limited commands the player can use. Copius commented code to figure out what is going on in 3094-wolf.c located in /diku-alfa/30.zon/npc. code is : tell_player("lash", "<whatever>); Change to your admin/creator name (ie not lash) to use after uncommenting. NOTE: right now pet combat abilities suck. Need to change. - Changed mayor file so he wanders within the default Dead Souls 20 hour day *11-25-14 - Changed skills affected by curse in magic_user.c so that all primary class skills are affected as well as the 'luck' stat. *11-26-14 - Modified genetics.c in /etc folder: added SetBlind() functionality - Modified light.c in /etc folder: removed unnecessary checks *11-28-14 - Edited pet files for limited functionality for add_action(order, order) function. Also modified scavenge function so the pet can get an item and place it in their owners inventory (pet "fetch's" the item and "gives" it to their owner). All available pets have the same functionality. Issues with owning multiple pets need to be worked out. Files are heavily commented. *11-29-14 - Added help for pets in the Optional Files folder - Added a "readme" for description and placement of Optional files. - Modified ticktock.c help output to give current MUD's day length in hours an hour length in minutes. *11-30-14 - changed eventTrainSkill("magic defense",save,s_throw,1); in NPC's that use magic (see /etc/magic_user.c, the bat npc's in /room/41.zon/npc) so that training occurs if the players save value (pro) beats the saving throw (con) required to resist the magic being thrown at the player. Success is flagged with '1' for highest reward. See /lib/lib/lvs/abilities.c for explanation. *12-01-14 - made sure all vendors have SetNoAttack() and SetNoBump(). - made sure all meals have SetNoCondition(1) - so meals won't deteriorate. - updated timeinfo.c and ticktock.c files in /etc folder. - modified files with guild guards so admins can by pass the guard. *12-11-14 - Modified pet store so that only one pet will be available per player. Too many issues manipulating multiple pets at a time. May go back and try to solve this. - Modified pets again: AddProperty("pet", this_object()) for player in 3031.c (pet store) Pets can 'fetch' piles of money for the player If the pet is sent to another room and 'fetches' something they will return to the room of the owner and give the 'thing' fetched to the owner (code could be written as a result of adding the pet object to player Properties) Redid array value gathering so all living things in the room can be checked to see if the addaction 'kill' command can be executed. Previously, the code only allowed for the last object in the primary array to have its Id's added. Added pet stats to make them more adept in combat - Modified lead.c to ensure the pet owner does not evade the pet or have the pet removed from their GetFollowers() function - Typos in guildmaster files corrected (Mage, Thief, and Fighter) - Added code to certain npc's that pick up items so that they are unable to so if they are not in the correct position (ie sitting, lying, etc). Code modified from /lib/lead.c and inserted into files. Files include: 3061_janitor.c, 3062_fido.c, and 3066_odif.c - Modified /etc/magic_user.c energy drain function so that the correct output for the affected individual is displayed *1-03-15 - added scroll Word of Recall to the magic shop - modifed 4050_purple_potion.c. Confers the sanctuary spell affect, cures blindness, and is poisoned for some reason. The sanctuary spell affect adds the property "sanctuary" to player properties. There is a check for the property in the modified combat.c file. If player has property "sanctuary" damage received is reduced by half. - added a counter for the sanctuary effect in genetics.c - redid diff files for Modifed Dead Souls files for Dead Souls 3.8.6 - fixed typos in cityguard files - modified times for wander routine in 3143_mayor.c - added comments to trainer.c and base_trainer.c in /etc folder - added parchment and quill items to grocers store (courtesy of Nilrin from the Dead Souls message boards) - increased meal strengths of food items - added functionality that was present in the eventEat() function that was not present in the eventDrink() function of meal.c. The function added is evaluation of the function defined in SetMealAction(f). This way the called function is evaluated when eventDrink() calls for it. - modified bonus.c. The bonus object was not being destructed after the bonus timer variable (Duration) timed out - created new package dds_pa0.9r02.tar.gz
Source: readme.txt, updated 2015-01-04

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