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01/04/12 - The key themes of this release are documentation and accessibility. A more comprehensive release includes a worked example of a personal cloud storage installation. Documented in section 14 of the manual. Also included; detailed listing of rsync switches used for 'heavy lifting' and general improvements to links and other fixes. More core documentation has been added to the release, including a White Paper and other elements updated. The spec file is further refined for use in Fedora, or for your own packaging requirements. Special developer assistance is provided e.g. Perl one-liners, to extract and list all subroutine names and their line number, print line num ranges. 19/03/11 - This release contains a large number of code changes made according to Perl Best Practices and Perl::Critic advisories. Level 5 and 4 are complete for the cli management tool as well as most level 3 changes. Some development structures have been added to the CSM - these files contain development environment variables, settings and aliases used to govern and enhance the coding environment. Http conf.d has been modified to avoid duplicate aliases. 02/01/11 - The main focus of this release is the documented appliance design of a pre-configured 3 node DIASER image pack, now available for download. The pack has been created to assist rapid cross-platform testing and evaluation. Code re-factoring evaluation using force field analysis was completed and a discussion was written and resulting tasks noted. Further improvements to the spec file were made; in accordance with Fedora package maintainer guidelines. CREDITS updated and recently completed business targets noted. 18/10/10 - The Web GUI front end configuration tool contains all the variables a user needs to set displayed clearly in four sections with pop-up tool tips . With this GUI the user can select options and build a working diaser configuration file. The install script handler is in place. This front-end can be installed using; make install. 13/10/10 - This development release includes more diaser-webgui tool design enhancements and feature implementation code, including action defined popup windows with a close button for all user input scenarios, a Makefile, apache system conf file. The tool diaser configuration file storage location is now pre-defined. The tool has been renamed diaser-webgui in SVN and the Makefile. 03/10/10 - The GUI web tool has been restructured and a Java script date picker introduced. Configuration file upload and save in place. 15/08/10 - Manual updated to include a breakdown of main features and why the features are of value to the user. A new diagrammatic overview has been included to clarify the positioning of DIASER within the disaster recovery layer. The latest manual is available on-line and in the release. 28/07/10 - Ala updated in documentation for a more granular description, based on changes in IETF-ID LTASP 01/06/10 - The manual and other documentation, including images and diagrams, have been updated. The retrieve function now reads zero or more hyphens when used in a volume naming policy. 26/05/10 - This release features updated documentation; including man page, manual and quick-start guide. SELinux warnings have been removed after further installation and operation tests. A sudo --lock option functionality has now been implemented. Template files for a web GUI tool, which will be released separately, have been added to SVN. 20/05/10 - New features for this major release; stop, pause and resume operation, a log parser which will condense and display a given number of log files lines from each node, better statistical reporting on disk usage, average differential storage and archive storage as well as an option to list all volumes archived. The ability to time-extend the operation by adding extra storage structure to an existing installation. The bandwidth calculation tool is able to download and build a utility to assist in the generation performance statistics. Makefile has been included and an rpm spec file written. A debian packageing directory has also been created. This release is available as an rpm, deb as well as a standard dist-tarball. A significant amount documentation has been updated to reflect changes for this release including creation of a man page. Some bugs have been resolved, notably those associated with the time-zone compensation mechanism as well as minor fixes. 27/04/10 - The primary focus for this release is the implementation of operational time UTC zone compensation mechanism. This allows the user to specify in which time zone each node resides and therefore data transfer between the nodes will be synchronised across different international time zones. Daylight saving adjustments are automatic. Documentation has been updated. A bugfix which corrects node C collection phase has been applied. 14/03/10 - This release includes the fix which allows DIASER to be installed and run on Debian, specifically tested on v5.0. Modify option incorrect variable order for for writing to configuration file now resolved after sudo framework implementation. 28/02/10 - This release now includes a fixed critical bug that prevented Ubuntu node installation. Some new diagrams have been added to describe how DIASER Accumulates, then Replicates and then Manages archives. 14/02/10 - The main focus for this release has been making major adjustments to the code framework to allow the installation of DIASER with Ubuntu server 9.10 and Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS. DIASER has also been tested on Fedora 12. This work has involved working new subroutines and variables into existing sub routines. The --remove function is also operational for Ubuntu, some other less important features need to be tested for compatibility. 18/12/09 - Bug fixes; importantly --upgrade option resolved uninitialised variable errors, full volume will replicate on other nodes on user selected date. Feature enhancement with the addition of a new variable 'COLLECT_FULL_DAY' which has been written into subroutines; write_to_config(), modify(), gen_fill() and upgrade. This variable allows the user to control the day of month Full volumes are collected from the main NAS backup volume storage pool. Documentation; manual has been updated to include the --recreate option. and sections 7.13-18 updated. 05/11/09 - A new option and subroutine called recreate allows the user to rebuild a chosen node file system structure. Node C copy error for certain configurations has been resolved, it now adjusts phase two so that if phase two occurs after midnight C slot targets are the same day as phase 1, not the next, to fill node C slots. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 added to manual and fill_diaser_flow.png. Screenshot updated. Encrypted volume recipe changed to encrypted partition in manual. 30/09/09 A node migrate facility is now functional allowing users to move an entire node and it's data to a different server. Added to this release are high level graphics and an end user, white paper style documentation. Exception handling when modules are loaded and Perl version is displayed when using the --version option. An encrypted volume recipe is included in the technical documentation. Subroutine and it's option --stats display disk usage for all nodes. New functionality has been documented. 21/09/09 There is now a tool that will allow the user to test the real, not theoretical, potential data throughput between two chosen nodes. This will allow determination of the lowest maximum bandwidth between nodes. The option --bandwidth will generate a graph displaying the highest throughput possible. This release also contains an outline and partial implementation of sub migrate() a toll which will allow DIASER users to move a node from one machine or virtual machine to another. There have been minor bug fixes and typos and a fix to the fill diaser algorithm flow diagram. The ROADMAP has also been adjusted. 06/08/09 this release contains a number of bug-fixes, refinements to the walk through --configure tool and a switch from using md5 to sha1 check-summing of volumes as they enter DIASER as well a corresponding documentation updates. 21/07/09 This is the first beta-1 release. The configuration walkthrough has improved input validation. The filling mechanism has been rationalized and is configurable via the command... line tools. Its operation has been carefully coded to comply to the design outlined in a flow chart included in the release. All volumes are md5sum checked and dated as they enter DIASER. An emergency lock feature has been implemented as well as a simple archive data retrieval tool with configurable options. All of the above changes have been documented, and new sections added. 15/07/09 A question driven configuration tool is now in place (diaser.pl --configure). Command line options when using the modify functionality were added. This mechanism will be exploited... for other functions. The documentation has been added and kept in line with recent developments. There have been minor but far reaching changes made to the architecture, which will allow simpler implementation of node fail-over and future node role change. Five input validation subroutines using Regex are in place as well as many general fixes and improvements 30/06/09 The main focus of this release is a comprehensive technical manual. The manual provides a descriptive overview of the DIASER architectural features as well as a short description... of the design philosophy. All user settings and potential features are outlined. Plenty of general information is contained within this document. The manual is available both within the package release and online in HTML, PDF, and text formats. Other files in the release have been brought up-to-date, including the development NOTES. Password quality is now checked when generating new DIASER node account passwords. 23/06/09 This release uses the Perl module AppConfig for very simple configuration file syntax: diaser.conf. Improved configuration variable handling. Nearly all global variables have been removed from diaser.pl, and subroutines now take parameters as they are called for much better code modularity and maintainability. diaser.pl can now take more than one configuration file, and two are configured for safer development. 11/06/09 All code now spans 78 characters. All long strings have been concatenated to use multiple lines. Documents have been changed to reflect that diaser.pl will run on Perl 5.8.8.... All tab indentations have been converted to 4 spaces only. This release pads out the development roadmap and release cycle. 02/06/09 The main fix in this release will allow sharing of disk space with other organizations or groups by using a different account name and staggering or alternating the transfer times... (phases) or lowering the LMB (lowest maximum bandwidth) between nodes. The INSTALL guide has been updated, and there are more general changes and fixes. 28/05/09 This is the first deployable alpha. The storage architecture is stable, is able to take real backup data, is upgradable, and is secure, but is limited to these controls: migration,... reporting, manual data retrieval, and some management features. A small bandwidth to space conversion chart was added as a pre-cursor to the calculate_lmb subroutine data added to an updated INSTALL. Data flow through the system has been ok for the past two days and does not need Net::SSH::Perl on nodes. 19/05/09 The basic README has been rewritten and added to the Web site. Crontab tab files now tick the autochanger scripts. A dry run switch has been implemented. There are fixes to the... subroutine gen_hvauto. There is a prototype subroutine add_years. Subroutine upgrade has been implemented. diaser.pl includes various minor fixes. config.pl has been tidied and clarified. 14/05/09 The subroutine passwordless_login has been written, which takes care of passwordless logins between nodes. Unneeded key_copy_a, key_copy_b, and key_copy_c have been removed from... the tree. The subroutines run_key_copy and transfer_key_copy have been merged. 10/05/09 Security has been greatly improved. The installation will ask for a new diaser password, which the user should note down. Root passwords for the nodes are requested but not stored... to disk. No passwords are written to a configuration file or transferred in plaintext or to nodes. In the future when adjustments are made, either when updating settings or upgrading passwords, passwords will be requested as required in the same way as described above. 08/05/09 Enough of the core functionality is present in this release that a move away from alpha-dev to alpha has been made. The ability to choose the number of years of operation has... been combined with on-the-fly generation of the core "hyper virtual auto-changer" functionality. (This can be (re)generated quickly and allows comprehensive adjustments to be made at any time after installation.) The two core functionality algorithms based on DIAP are now in place and working together to give trial users and developers full control over operation. 06/05/09 The gen_hvautoc subroutine was written. The send_hvautoc_algol subroutine was implemented. The implementation of the hvautoc algorithm and subsequent generation were started.... Separate scripts called hvautoc_a.pl, hvautoc_b.pl, and hvautoc_c.pl were implemented 28/04/09 The prototype gen_cron has been added. There are development roadmap updates, including gen_cron plans. The sub gen_cron explanation has been commented. User variables have been... re-ordered and updated in config.pl 24/04/09 The chosen n*years worth of storage structure is now created. A month was extended to 31 days. Month length variations are covered. The sub gen_keys_dirs is now named gen_dirs.... Key generation was moved from gen_keys_dirs to transfer_key_copy. The user variables $num_years and $start_year were added in config.pl. The menu was modified. diaser_setp.pl was renamed to diaser.pl 19/04/09 The Development Roadmap has been written for April through the end of May 2009. 14/04/09 Code cleanup. Some punctuation has been removed. All subroutine styles have been improved. Subroutines have been re-ordered alphabetically throughout. Subroutine descriptions... have been clarified. This release has improved readability 09/04/09 The source was updated to reflect the new project name. There were also minor fixes. 07/11/08 This release adds more feature function prototypes, a new diagrammatic overview, and minor corrections. 17/10/08 A function prototype for retrieve/fetch. Minor fixes, menu changes, and typo fixes. 15/10/08 The prototype was rewritten and redesigned in Perl. 26/05/08 fill_diap.sh was added to help a user load diap with correct data. A worksheet calculation error was fixed. 19/05/08 Structural changes were made to match the architecture design refinements. 31/03/08 A timeout variable was added to rsync jobs. Source files are not removed for the first month. When "tab_b.sh --remove-source-files deleted" is executed, a full backup is ensured... to remain on node A for recovery. Minor changes were made. 28/03/08 A trivial error that stopped data transfer was fixed. Source files are not removed for the first month, so running "tab_a.sh --remove-source-files deleted" ensures that a full... backup remains on node A for recovery. Test dev switches were added to speed up a cycle to hourly in the configuration. Three variables were added in crontabs. 26/03/08 This release has improved deployment, a refined pool structure and timing, general bugfixes, and a refined Web site and documentation.
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-04-01

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