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  • Works great. I use it for drawing process flow diagrams and it has almost everything I want (other icons I have created...)

  • I have used Dia for my own side projects and, as a professor of computer science, I have recommended this tool to my students for their UML diagrams. I find Dia to be easier to use than others that I have tried, like Microsoft Visio. I like it's many features, including export to various image formats that enables me to create clean diagrams for use in things such as assignments and exams. Students like the fact that it is cross-platform, which enables them to use their personal computers with Windows, OSX, and Linux and share the .dia files. Some diagramming tools use templates that create a whole diagram for you. However, they tend to be hard to modify. With Dia, UML diagrams are build up by component. This provides more flexibility but can have its own issues and takes a bit more time. One issue that my students and I typically face is too few connection points on a class object. This makes it difficult to use autoroute and not have lines overlap.

  • excellent! thanks

  • Such a wonderful too. I downloaded it about few hours ago and loved it by now.

  • basic editor for basic diagrams, if you want some serious stuff, than look elsewere.. what i do mostly in dia is drawing state diagrams, with this complaints: - line routing is really bad, i spend so much time with just fighting routing algorithms in dia, with poor results, this is really the deal breaker, - lock to edge point doesnt work, i want to stick the line with one of edge points, but when i grab the line, than i grab the line and the end point doesnt stick to the edge of element, this is really another deal breaker, - some serious UI problems (Enter doesnt confirm some mostly used dialogues, i have to click or use a shortcut), - no much other features, - development doesnt exist, no new version for several years, probably abandoned application.

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  • Doesn't work on OS X El Capitan.

  • Very great tool, easy to use and powerful at the same time, but there are two features i would like to see, if possible!! - Modify only a part of text in a box (now you can modify only the entire box) -Select text in a box (now you can't select text in a box)

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  • Очень удобная, легковесная программа, использовалась как бесплатная альтернатива визио от редмондовских прогеров.

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  • very nice tool and it is free too.

  • cool

  • Very good program!

  • I want to know where is the option of "Align connected"? Then i will rate

  • This is a perfectly competent diagram editor and I found it very nice until I discovered an online diagramming tool that is more convenient to use wherever I go (check out Lucidchart). Still, it's good to have this little gem on demand when I need it.

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  • Works as expected in MAC OS. But it needs XQuartZ. I was looking for a simple app to help generate Flowcharts. This does it perfectly well. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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  • Dynamic Library Linking is broken for Mac OSX Yosemite. Either this or environment in xterm is totally broken and has big trouble with that. But it is very sad, Dia has not updated since yosemite is out. You should Mac OSX remove as an supported OS on this download site and tell the truth, that you give a sh**, get it working on Mac OSX.

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  • I hate to down-rate the entire project because of the installer, but ... why in the heck do you need to install XQuartz if you've got the latest version of OS X? From the XQuartz site: "Together with supporting libraries and applications, it forms the that Apple has shipped with OS X since version 10.5." I have 10.9.4, so it's already installed. Why doesn't the program find it?

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  • excellent tool on linux and (if you have to) windows

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  • Super Vectorizer is a wonderful image vector tool as Dia Diagram. I found Super Vectorizer from Mac appstore

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  • I use it to create diagrams and export in several formats, such as png and eps. I is simple and easy to use.

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  • It's fabulous. Do you have to diagram something? Don't hesitate—this is your app. Get it and start diagramming. Woo!

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  • It works great, keep up the good work

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  • Hi, First I struggled because I thought the paper sizes did not match, but when setting all margins to zero then everything works fine. Great tool! (especially when it's free.) Note: I like to use very small symbols to make many of them fit on one page for flow charts. Small arrow bottom ends looks like a rotated square in stead of a circle but when printed to pdf they are round and look fine. Henk

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  • Definitely daily pal on drawing simple diagram. More importantly it is in public domain.

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  • Very good ,Hope better in the future.

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  • Absolutely brilliant. Why would anyone spend £280 on Microsoft visio? This is just as good for free.

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