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  • Is a good program, It work very good!! I like it.

  • I have been looking for a DHCP/Dynamic DNS server for a couple of years. My preference was a Linux based server. Since I am Ubuntu based, I didn't want to get involved with Active Directory and most of the Linux distributions had very complex setup and little documentation to implement. I ran across Dualserver late last year and decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed!! The software works great with dns (both static and dynamic) and dhcp. It was very easy to set up for my environment and works great out of the box. The documentation is very good and the configuration file is very well documented. I had a minor issue with my server and the developer was very quick to respond to my questions. ALL configuration is done through the dualserver.ini and I am able to run a primary and secondary server with complete integration. This far exceeded my expectations and I was able to get up and running in a few minutes. I recommend this highly!! If I had to offer any criticism, it would be maybe (just maybe) a graphical tool to help configure the ini file...

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  • Does just what I needed - which is to give me the capability to manage blacklists of web sites and domains for all the systems on my LAN through DNS. It ran fine out of the box on a Win 7 system but I had to modify the code to have it support many more wildcarded domains and to build it for x64 with VS 2015. The software scaled up to over 27,000 [WILD_HOSTS] and over 65,000 [DNS_HOSTS] entries without any noticeable delay, and frankly it still doesn't take up many resources. The number of warnings the code emits when built imply some less than enviable assumptions have been made about data sizes and I think it could be coded a little more cleanly overall, but all in all it's GREAT to have found this package and have been able to accomplish all my security and ad-proofing goals with it. Thank you to the original developers.

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  • @wenarlin If you look in the manual, there is a section about all the different DHCP options you can specify. One is Router. I think they just use the term router (which is what it is called in the DHCP spec) instead of default gateway which is what we are used to. I was thrown off at first myself.....

  • This is very poor program, It is dont give default gateway to client machine, and dont have a single word "default gateway even in users manual... IT is useless

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  • Great jobs! Please add Hostname to the "Free Static Leases" of web. I think just one record per row is better.

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  • I have searched for a while for a DNS server that would run on Windows 7 (i.e., not a Windows Server) and I have finally found one that works almost flawlessly. DNS resolution is superb, provides the same robustness and accuracy as the Windows Server DNS server. My only wish is that is supported service records (SRV) .

  • Thanks very good project! +

  • excellent. ideal solution for our needs. initially had some issues with the http server haning and achaldhir worked tirelessly to help us resolve it. all working perfectly now and thanks so much to achaldhir for the effort!

  • Dhcp-dns-server is great! Thanks.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • very good project, thanks!

  • no trouble to install and run, works nicely.

  • A good DHCP Server (as I used) , with linux-like behavior. Excellent specially for debugging and educational purposes. Thanks

  • thank you dhcp-dns-server

  • Simple. Useful. Light.

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • Hello, I had a severe problem with dualserver.exe. It was occuping my Intel i5 4 core 64 bit processor on 20% non stop. This caused my Dell laptop processor to start overheating severely. At some point it was burnt and stopped working. In the service the processor was replaced, but the overheating continued. After uninstalling dualserver everything started to work fine, the temperature became normal. I used Windows Performance Analyzer to find out which exe is causing the problem, because in Task manager DualServer does not show on the process list. In task manager I was just able to see my processor constanly above 20%.

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  • Easy to run dhcp-dns-server

  • Really powerful and practical software.

  • Good tool. Thanks.

  • I want to use some other fuction.

  • A fantastic example of Open Source at its best!

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