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  • VIRUS ALERT!! Trojan:Win32/Pellate.C!cl detected by Windows Defender

  • I would suggest everybody to try Zinjai (you can find it in sourceforge) devc++ is not maintained anymore (since 2012!)

  • good, but not good, get orwell dev-c++ update

  • Maybe 6-7 years ago I would have said "Hey, this is an up-to-date and features-rich IDE." But this project is dead. Though wxDev-C++ has been added as a separate project to make Dev-C++ capable of GUI-design, it still doesn't mean you should use it. Dev-C++ is a project that hasn't seen an update since 2005. I can't say that it's not a useful IDE. The main problem (despite all those known and unfixed bugs) is the huge amount of missing features that modern IDEs provide to make the work of a programmer easier and more delightful. For those of you, who say "Wait a minute! Dev-C++ works just fine!", I'd answer - it depends and considering that it covers the bare minimum, it's much better to use an advanced text editor like Notepad++ in combination with gcc (MinGW or Cygwin for Windows) instead, if you don't want cool modern features. Not to mention there is Geany, Code::Blocks, NetBeans etc.

  • very buggy (look at tracker - 358 known bugs)

  • This project gave me a wonderful C++ "childhood," and as such, I will always have fond memories of it. Looking cool with my Dev-C++ icons everywhere, at least two instances open at any given time... But as I began developing larger projects, dev's neglect-fueled flaws became more apparent to me, and I had to move on to anew IDE. As it stands, as long as Code::Blocks exists, I cannot recommend Dev to anyone.

  • Old and too simple to work with. Try using NetBeans

  • I love the gesture of trying to keep it alive, but this project has been dead too long to be of any practical use nowadays. It's best to use CodeLite or Code::Blocks with an up to date version of mingw instead. By the way, the domain expired and was taken by spammers, so don't try to visit the old Dev-C++ site!

  • I used to love Dev-C++ when I was programming in C++ in 2005/2006, but this project has been left to gather dust too long. There are plenty other free and actively maintained C++ development environments to choose from.. .and you can even legitimately get free versions of Microsoft Visual C++ if you want.

  • I would recommend using Code::Blocks or CodeLite IDE. There are too many bugs in this that haven't been fixed to make it user-friendly by today's standards.

  • This project is way too outdated. I suggest to use MinGW instead which is up to date though it doesn't have a GUI.

  • Dev-C++ is outdated and buggy and has been superseded by Code::Blocks.

  • Even when it was still alived it was so bad. It is so out to date, I wonder who could still use it ? Oo

  • Outdated piece of development software, confronted with much better alternatives, these days.

  • The Help file are pathetic.

  • Missing a lot of modern usability features. Ships with an out of date and buggy compiler. Hasn't been updated in years. Do yourself a favor and use something else.

  • not updated anymore... Code::Blocks is better... And if you think codeblocks is not updated either, try the nightly builds...

  • Out of date :( Use Code:Blocks instead.

  • Delphi is not good devenv for creating good projects. Dev-C++ and its derivatives are not usable.

  • *Anything* is much better

  • got the lastest one, it wont even run its own pre-made hello world tutorial program. If you can't even run a hello world program with this then it's not even worth the time to install. I've used an older version that ACTUALLY WORKED before but lately this project has gone downhill