DenyHosts is a python program that automatically blocks ssh attacks by adding entries to /etc/hosts.deny.

DenyHosts will also inform Linux administrators about offending hosts, attacked users and suspicious logins.

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User Reviews

  • Fits a powerlful need with alot of people

  • A Great toolset for mitigating the effects of SSHD brute force attacks that continually bombard servers attached to the Internet. This SF project seems to have been abandoned by its original developer; thankfully the reigns have been taken over by a new maintainer with new versions and bug fixes available: http:/

  • thanks!

  • Thanks for the effective tool denyhosts. I'm using it for a long time at all my Servers. But after the last (debian-) update to ver 2.6-10 I get emails fom all successful logins with the content: Observed the following suspicious login activity: (fqdn) How can I switch off the mails of successful logins? ... or is this ok so? Thanks, Konrad

  • Thanks for Denyhosts, it's great!

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Advanced End Users, System Administrators

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