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  • Superb work Erik. And thanks for sharing it.

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • Good piece of code. Another way to get dump is to Do a Find In in Peopletools and enter ";" (just semicolon without the quotes) in the Find What editbox and keep the Find Type and Project as default and save to file.

  • Very useful project. We have been trying to find a way to look back at the changes that happen in our custom projects as well as what is updated during patches and this code meets that need.

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  • I ran across this project quite some time ago and at first had some issues and didn't really have time to delve into them. Just this past week I have been working out all of the kinks I have hit. erikh3 the owner of this project has been really attentive and helpful and I really appreciate it. I would highly recommend checking this project out. Most of the learning curve for me was getting to know SVN. It is fairly straight forward once you understand the basic concepts.

  • Works perfectly. At the beggining i had problems with setting it up (totally my fault) but than started to work flawlessly!

  • Stumbled upon this project while looking for a way to put PeopleCode in a repository (ala almost every other language out there). The ability to output PeopleCode directly from a database is killer, and that it's command-line is a bonus (makes batch processing very easy). The setup is pretty straight-forward, the project very functional.

  • Hi, We're currently in the process of integrating this utility on an Online PS Page and have been able to generate the files. Howeever, I've noticed that any Component Record Field PeopleCode does not get generated. Not sure about this as well, but just came across a scenario, where sql files are not created for records/SQL objects where the SQL is written for a DB other than default, say SQL Server/oracle etc., Please let me know, if this is the case. Regards, Prashant