Decker is a cyberspace hacking RPG where you hack into corperate systems to perform missions for rival corperations. Success lets you upgrade your skills, hardware, and reputation to take on more diificult jobs.

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  • I'm a huge fan of Shadowrun and this little game is fantastic. For those who can't get the help file to work, here's a little trick for you: If you're using Windows 7 through 10 [1st] Search for this "" online and download it. [2nd] Unpack it then edit the "install.cmd" using a text editor. Add these two lines at the end of the Settings section. set WindowsVersion=7 goto :BypassVersionError [3rd] Execute the install as Admin and WALAH! You can know view the help file for Decker. The problem is microsoft switched to HTML for help files and left the old winhlp program out of their more recent versions Windows OS Hope I was of some help.

  • Love the game, I hope there will be a new version with maybe more features? It's original and epic, hard but not impossible either, just plan your moves carefully!

  • Quite a fun idea, sadly the help-function isn't working. And there is no other manual. So I don't know how it's working - e.g. how to react, if red alert goes on. I never win a fight, as there are lots of enemies. Sadly I often disable reinforcement-I/O, and still they come... I silence a gate, try to deceive it, fail - and the silenced gate calls guards. Maybe silence has an other meaning than I thought? ;) So, fun idea, but without working manual not much fun gameplay.

  • One of a kind

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