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devel: Releases matched against Deadbeef's development tree master: Releases matched against Deadbeef's master tree If you don't know which file to choose, try the latest package from the master directory. In recent versions of DeaDBeeF, you have to enter "design mode" to be able to customize the layout. Alternatively, you could edit ~/.config/deadbeef/config and change the gtkui layout option. To have both the filebrowser and the waveform widget next to the playlist browser, change the layout option to something like this: gtkui.layout hsplitter pos=250 locked=0 {filebrowser {} vsplitter pos=560 locked=0 {tabbed_playlist hideheaders=1 {} waveform {} } } ---- Filebrowser plugin for the DeaDBeeF audio player http://sourceforge.net/projects/deadbeef-fb/ Copyright (C) 2011-2014 Jan D. Behrens <zykure@web.de> Based on Geany treebrowser plugin: treebrowser.c - v0.20 Copyright 2010 Adrian Dimitrov <dimitrov.adrian@gmail.com> Check out the player itself here: http://deadbeef.sourceforge.net/
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