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  • Good luck getting this program installed on Mac OS X. Fuc*ing insane trying to get this to configure and make properly. It says that it is for Mac, it's NOT. I don't know why they are allowed to say this. I have tried everything and I am very good with my Mac and the CLI. As exciting as this program seems, it's useless. I haven't read 1 person who has installed this on a Mac. Give it a try if you want to spend hours and hours trying to get it to compile. I mean why doesn't DDD just have it as a .dmg file, it is a GUI and not a CLI so it is retarded to distribute the program as un-compiled, BUT why do you think it isn't a .dmg??? Because it doesn't work for Mac, sure for Linux but NOT Mac. Who doesn't distribute a GUI program as a .dmg file??? Obviously DDD knows this is damn near impossible to get working on Mac OS X. My brother is a Unix mastermind with a Computer Science degree and even he was getting pissed off because he couldn't get the stupid DDD to compile properly. There is a reason why GDB is installed on Mac OS X as an "apple build" because... just because Mac is Unix-based doesn't mean Linux, BSD, Solaris, and etc binaries will compile. Damnit DDD will you please make this work or distribute it as a .dmg, or at least stop saying it is for Mac. I don't know which fuc*ing Mac you think you installed DDD on once, but that doesn't mean you can confidently say it works for Mac. I wasted a lot of time trying to get DDD to work. I'm thinking DDD makers hate Mac users and thought it would be funny to distribute this and claim it's for Mac....BEWARE, oh and if anyone can get this damn program to work on Mac please let me know. I'll even be stupid because of desperity and post my email so you can PLEASE let me know how you made it work: THANK YOU