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  • I'm not sure what was attempted here but it seems that it doesn't work at all. Maybe it was made with an older version of Java and now it's not compatible with newer versions.

  • Nice decompiler, but still lacks some features. I put it online, so everybody might no-hassle test it:

  • Pretty good!. It has been able to decompile in quite an intelligible way the code. Easy to navigate

  • Got exactly the same thing. Ran the jar, opened the extracted class file. Nothing happened. Guessing it might be a "what version of Java can the app handle" issue?

  • Unable to run. Method Start :java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 260, Size: 260 As is typical with an Open Source Java Project, the author failed to validate for all possible scenarios, meaning the end user is left holding the (empty) bag.

  • Tried to look into jars - excellent app, that is perfect that it is able to save full source from jar

  • dcompiler is fast and stable

  • It works, somewhat. I compared it's decompiled sources to the sources given by JDGui, and it was obviously trying to decompile it, but it left out a lot of parts, and added in parts that were not there. If this were a finished program it would be unacceptable, but for a free project its coming along fairly well.

  • It doesn't work! This must be a joke???!! It's a big disgrace and shame! Sourceforge must put a monitoring on its hosted programs!

  • good job

  • It doesn't work. After opening this app, I chose "Open", navigated to a Java class, and selected it. It did nothing.

  • to run in linux : java -jar DCompiler.jar it will open the app. and then select the .class file to decompile...done

  • Still nothing available