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  • This software puts the power in the hands of the user! If you buy a commercial product, you get a some thing that is fixed in concrete because the developers think they know better than you what you actually need, arrogant idiots. Microsoft are full of them.

  • Great Software, you can save anything!

  • Thanks for develop this software.

  • I was looking for a software, which will help in organizing email communication, attachments, documentation, procedures, files on shared drives. Cataloguing, seraching, editing all above only with File Explorer from Windows was a comlete nightmare and took huge ammount of time to actually do anything. Out of many other software which I tested within last couple of months (JabRef, Citavi, BonitaBPM, Mendeley, Krystal DMS, OpenKM Document Management – DMS, Archiva, Zotero, Bibliographix, Biblioscape, Colwiz, EndNote, SharePoint etc.) Data Crow is the one, which has it all, what other software were lacking (mainly working on existing filestructure on shared drives without touching/moving/copying any of existing files). Now the work can be done without loosing to much time. The best software ever! As it will be used by several people I already translated labels, tips of the day, system labels and messages into Polish language. Just around 80% of Tooltips left and polish language will be complete :)

  • Collector server/client for my collection.. AWESOME!!!

  • In general useful to me. I just started to use it to catalog my retro computers hardware and software and my electronic components. However it got me a little scare today as I opened the program and it greeted me with prompt for data storage folder. I already went through the whole setup process and created few modules of my own and entered some data so this was a bit disturbing. Then I realized that my entire DataCrow data folder was gone! I can not explain it. I think it was removed after I performed a data backup last time before I closed the application. Why would it remove my data folder? I was able to restore from that backup (phew!) but I wonder if DataCrow will remove my data folder each time I do a backup using Tools/Backup&Restore? Just in case I am going to do the backup manually from now on until this is explained. Three stars because in some respects UI is not that intuitive and the app. is quite slow on my Windows Vista Intel dual core 2GHz PC with 3GB RAM. I will continue using it though and I hope it will improve and that I will not loose my laboriously entered records.

  • It seems to have a lot of features, but the documentation and UI are so opaque, that I cannot figure out how to launch a file it has cataloged. Therefore, 100% useless to me.

  • Very helpful for my diploma thesis. Data Crow will replace FileMaker as our new art-catalog with about 1800 artworks from about 230 artists. It takes some time to get into all the functions, Data Crow provides. But after a few hours of searching, reading, trying and retrying it works just fine. Also for fully customized modules and data Import on different ways (CSV, SQL-Statements...). Finnaly: Good Job!

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  • This version will not create my movie report (700 records) - it freezes at the transformation stage. I've reverted to version 3 and everything's working fine again. I am staying at 3 until you come up with some answers.

  • Great product, highly configurable.

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  • Excellent program for anyones collection!

  • Very interesting game

  • Stable work. Good product.

  • Stable work. Good product.

  • Great tool!

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • I like Datacrow because it is very handy. In my spare time I translated already some parts into German language and made a new inventory-management-module for my secondary school. I've many ideas for new and useful features (e.g.: a literature-management connected with the Zotero-Onlineservice) but I have only rare time during my exam-preparations for my university-entrance diploma.

  • Rare usefull and creative soft, I really enjoy it, thank you.

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  • An amazing tool that helped me a lot in cleaning up my computer. Thanks a lot!

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  • Great value product! Works well and developer replies to questions and request.

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  • handles the most common media types, integration into amazon saves lots of time, regular updates and improvements, and yes - there are nicer interfaces - but then they are not customizable and not flexible - and this is something datacrow offers incl. custom fields in any module

  • looks great!

  • Great value product! Works well and developer replies to questions and request.

  • Just to give you many thanks for this Excellent software

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