Data Crow allows you use the standard movie & video (divx, xvid, DVD, Blu-ray, etc), book (and eBooks), images, games & software, music (mp3 and other music files) cataloging modules. Beside these module (which you can change to fit your requirements) you can create new modules (want to catalogue your stamps, equipment, or anything else?).
The GUI is skinnable.

Data Crow allows you find information on your items through services such as Amazon,,, Softpedia, Ofdb, MusicBrainz and many others.

Reporting (based on XLST stylesheets and graphs), loan administration, item importing & exporting, backup & restore, web service and many other optional features are waiting for you..


  • Cataloguing of media and anything else
  • Loan Management
  • Flexible on all fronts; allows you to add/remove/hide fields, design your own forms, skinnable, create your own modules (wizard based), etcetera
  • Online services to retrieve the information on your items (, and many more)
  • File parsing (divx, mp3, flac, pdf, jpeg, etc.)
  • Full feature desktop GUI and a light weight web server + GUI
  • Mass item processing (online update + file parsing)
  • Internal help system
  • Advanced user management
  • Advanced filters (which can be saved for later)
  • Out of the box Data Crow catalogs books, movies, audio (CDs and/or files), images and software BUT can catalogue anything else as well
  • Server edition (client-server + web server)

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User Reviews

  • This software puts the power in the hands of the user! If you buy a commercial product, you get a some thing that is fixed in concrete because the developers think they know better than you what you actually need, arrogant idiots. Microsoft are full of them.

  • Great Software, you can save anything!

  • Thanks for develop this software.

  • I was looking for a software, which will help in organizing email communication, attachments, documentation, procedures, files on shared drives. Cataloguing, seraching, editing all above only with File Explorer from Windows was a comlete nightmare and took huge ammount of time to actually do anything. Out of many other software which I tested within last couple of months (JabRef, Citavi, BonitaBPM, Mendeley, Krystal DMS, OpenKM Document Management – DMS, Archiva, Zotero, Bibliographix, Biblioscape, Colwiz, EndNote, SharePoint etc.) Data Crow is the one, which has it all, what other software were lacking (mainly working on existing filestructure on shared drives without touching/moving/copying any of existing files). Now the work can be done without loosing to much time. The best software ever! As it will be used by several people I already translated labels, tips of the day, system labels and messages into Polish language. Just around 80% of Tooltips left and polish language will be complete :)

  • Collector server/client for my collection.. AWESOME!!!

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French, Dutch, Italian, English, Portuguese, German

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Non-Profit Organizations, Information Technology, Advanced End Users, Developers, End Users/Desktop

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Java Swing

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Database Environment