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  • Far from dead, and still chugging along. Developer responds very fast and professionally to bugs, and the engine is very featureful (almost frighteningly so). While I can understand people using rebirth for multiplayer for familiarity, this is my goto for single player mode (And hopefully multiplayer if I can convince a few people).

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  • Absolutely awesome! Best Descent I have ever used. I hope this project is not dead though...

  • All in all i rate this project as a good one. Every endeavor produces the obstacles and Descent initial improvement - and it is not an exclusion for D2X-XL. You receive great features(colored light, HD video, sound, and models and so on...) - but for a price of constant update and an ever lasting heroic bug fighting from an author. So if you face a certain glitch - don't be angry. This is being resolved even now as we speak. I would only say that if you expect to play Original Descent - do not search for it here. Its much more improved. Will it surpass the original - time will tell.

  • I've been Descending since 1995 and I feel no inclination to stop at this time. This is excellent work which enhances and preserves an excellent and ground-breaking game

  • I like this very much!

  • Looks good. i love Descent and so i love this port. Hoping for an D1 port and maybe hires texture support.

  • Takes some technological know-how, but the community is very active and helpful so it's easy to get set up on the right track. Best port out there, I say!

  • Excellent work! Descent ][ forever! :)

  • This game is amazing. I love everything about it. Those who give a bad rating obviously are not familiar with the directory structure. This game impresses me more than the source engine 2007. The best of luck out there coders.

  • I love this project! :D

  • If you rate this game bad and write a negative review you certainly have no idea what work the creator puts in that with almost nothing in return. Fact: This game is far more than just a Descent2 Remake. Its a whole new game. Also it is not completed yet and has bugs, it is still entertaining for lots of gamers and its total for free! More respect of this awesome creation!

  • a great game improved immensely by a great project!

  • I should really not be using this as a "forum" - but people - check your facts before giving a review. DLE-XP is now open-source. There is now an installer. These are recent changes but your reviews are more recent.

  • IMO, this port brings Descent 1 & 2 to a brand new dimension, making it even better than D3. With all new capabilites for developers and level/mission/mod creatros i has everything D2 couldn't unfortunaly had. It also has the advantage of being open source as well as its level editor DLE-XP, that its source code was released by Bryan Aamot a few months ago. Also when there are bugs these are fixed quickly and the program is updated almost on a daily basis.