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cyphertite_1.3.1_x86.msi 2012-07-26 8.5 MB 0
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cyphertite-full-1.2.1.tar.gz 2012-04-26 4.4 MB 0
Totals: 77 Items   696.6 MB 2
Changes in 2.0.4 for Windows (Thu Oct 30 2014) - Adds missed schedule detection logic. If a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) has a last run time that exceeds its expected interval (one day, week, or month), it will run immediately. - Fixes browsing bug where files that no longer exist would erroneously display in subsequent backups. - Fixes extract bug where files that no longer exist could be extracted. - Fixes bug where the UI would not always re-prompt for credentials after a password change on cyphertite.com. - Fixes bug where unlimited accounts would falsely report an "account has run out of space" error in rare situations such as a temporary server outage. - Updates OpenSSL to v1.0.1j (2014-10-15) - Minor bug fixes and cleanup. Changes in 2.0.3 for Windows (Fri Jun 6 2014) - Fixes bug within updater notification logic. - The Backup Browser now shows (up to) the 20 most recent backups by default, with the option to expand and show all of them. - The Settings page now allows the user to define the maximum number of incremental CT Files that will be created. - Minor bug fixes and cleanup. Changes in 2.0.2 for all versions (Mon Apr 7 2014) - Patched OpenSSL Changes in 2.0.1 for Windows (Wed Feb 26 2014) - Adds ability to edit a scheduled backup. This includes the tag, selected paths, frequency, and date/time of the operation. - Adds button to immedately run a scheduled backup. - Adds button to remove selected paths from the Create/Edit backup page. - Fixes bug where directories containing very large numbers of files could fail to display in the Backup Browser (Error Message: "The file name is invalid"). - Fixes bug where backups containing paths in excess of ~180 characters could fail to extract due to additional characters added during temporary extraction. Cyphertite now handles paths in excess of the 260 character Windows "limit". - Fixes bug where systems set to 24 hour locales were unable to select hours 13-24 when scheduling a backup. - Fixes multiple areas where UI elements would not respect user date/time display settings (such as YYYY-MM-DD or 24 hour time display). Changes in 2.0.0 for Windows (Mon Jan 06 2014) - Replaces "Computer > Cyphertite Backups" with "Computer > Cyphertite" - Moves backup browser to "Computer > Cyphertite > Online Backups" - Replaces Cyphertite Web GUI shortcut in Start Menu with shortcut to new GUI. - Adds Home screen with "live" tiles to navigate into: Create, Browse, Status, and Settings. - Adds update notification bar. - Adds Create Backup page. - Adds templates to add common locations to the backup (current user or all users). - Adds automatic Tag generation based on the initial set of selected files/directories. - Adds desktop notifications for operation scheduled, started and finished. - Adds total backup count to "Browse Backups" live tile. - Adds toolbar to backup browser. - Adds "Extract To..." functionality to backup browser. - Adds Windows Search integration to backup browser. - Adds Status page with Running, Scheduled, and History. - Adds several new statistical counters for in-progress operations. - Adds error message display for failed backups. - Adds ability to view full job history (previously limited to 10) - Adds ability to clear job history. - Adds Settings management page. - Adds HKCU\Software\Conformal Systems\Cyphertite\Settings key to store settings. - Adds ability to remove saved credentials. - Adds ability to change Cyphertite user. - Adds ability to create/remove CLI config file from GUI. - Adds ability to launch CLI (and documentation) from GUI. - Adds ability to toggle context menu integration on or off. - Adds ability to toggle desktop alerts on or off. - Adds ability to check for updates. - Adds ability to delete temporary copies of files created when files are double-clicked in the backup browser and extracted locally. - Adds contextual links for online Account Management/Usage. - Adds contextual links to our various online Support channels. - Adds ability for service to generate a debug log file. - Improves error handling for cases where the Cyphertite service is not running, busy, or unable to connect to the cloud. - Fixes bug in Browse Backups where "The data is invalid" could be reported when browsing empty directories. - Fixes bug where removing a queued operation would not actually remove it. - Fixes bug where cancelled queued operations would be stored with epoch start time. Changes in 2.0.0 for Unix, Linux (Sat Jan 04 2014) - Install ct_threads header, which is needed by ct_sockets - Build support for Darwin - Manpage cleanup - Fix archive file completed statistics - Stop leaking filenames when parsing xdr ctfiles - Replace bcmp with memcmp - Other minor fixes Changes in 1.6.7 for Windows (Wed Nov 13 2013) - Fixed unicode character errors on browse, delete, and extract in web gui. Changes in 1.6.7 for Unix, Linux (Wed Nov 13 2013) - Add fopen compatibility layer - Fix hardlinks on extract - Fix destination filename in ctfb - Return nonzero if an error occurs listing a ctfile - Prevent excess looping in the socket code - Add support to check the current cyphertite version - Add new options socket_rcvbuf and socket_sndbuf to set the size of the respective socket buffers. Set the default to 64k Changes in 1.6.6 for Windows (Thu Oct 17 2013) - Fixes bug in Web GUI where the duration of queued backups could be incorrectly calculated. - Fixes bug with Crypto Passphrase printing where characters could overlap on the printout if certain character sequences were present. Changes in 1.6.6 for Unix, Linux (Thu Oct 17 2013) - Fix bug on extract with -p. Empty directories were not set with the correct ownership and permissions - Loop in the libevent handler to read/write as much as possible Changes in 1.6.5 for Windows (Tue Sep 17 2013) - Resolves a bug that prevented incremental ctfiles from being generated on Windows. This results in signficantly smaller ct files on subsequent backups where file data is largely unchanged. - Removes a race condition in the scheduler the could cause the service to crash as an operation completed. - Removes a race condition where the service would leak threads certain situations. - Resolves a bug where the service could not be configured with a new user account if a previous user had been configured on the machine. - Resolves a bug where the service could randomly fail to connect during service configuration on x86 machines. - Resolves a shell extension browse bug where root tags could be drag-extracted and the resulting extract would error due to the ambiguity. - Improves backup and extract progress bar logic to account for incremental backups. Changes in 1.6.5 for Unix, Linux (Tue Sep 17 2013) - Unconditionally replace certs in download_and_decode_certs() - Shutdown events during cleanup if not already - Add a bytes skipped statistic to -R option Changes in 1.6.4 for Unix, Linux (Thu Sep 12 2013) - Fix ctfb when / is explicitly backed up - Fix size calculation on differential extracts - Fix 3factor bug on NO_OPENAT systems - Print cr_shas correctly in ct -t - Fix uninitialized warning Changes in 1.6.3 for Windows (Tue Aug 27 2013) - Resolves a bug where ctfiles created with older versions of Cyphertite could not be browsed properly - Resolves a bug where the Cyphertite service could crash after several dozen backup/extract operations - Resolves a bug where the Cyphertite service would crash on stop if an account had not yet been configured - Resolves a socket handle leak on SSL transactions - Resolves a bug in the command line file browser where reverse paths were not handled properly - Increases the timeout for the Cyphertite service to respond when browsing large archives, reducing the likelihood of "The operation timed out" messages Changes in 1.6.3 for all versions (Tue Aug 27 2013) - handle ctfiles generated by buggy versions of cyphertite when generating the version tree instead of claiming the files are corrupt - handle reverse paths correctly in ctfb - minor bugfixes Changes in 1.6.2 for Unix, Linux (Fri Jun 28 2013) - Support automatic certificate rotation - Fix expiration time computation - Minor bug fixes Changes in 1.6.2 for Windows (Fri Jun 28 2013) - Fix bug where file systems that did not support VSS snapshots would disallow backups (web gui) or error during backup (shell extension) - Fix bug where crash dumps could become corrupted on certain types of exceptions - Add better cleanup to drag-extract operations - Add Delete support to the shell extension: any tag can be deleted via the Delete hotkey or right-click -> Delete - Add automatic cull to web gui and shell extension for delete operations Changes in 1.6.1 for Windows (Tue Jun 11 2013) - Added the ability to cancel a running backup to the web GUI to mirror the shell extension functionality - Fixed an issue where the tooltips in the web GUI were not skinned properly - Removed the browse link for completed operations that failed or were cancelled Changes in 1.6.1 (Tue Jun 11 2013) - Add support for automatic user certificate rotation - Fix an issue where the initial cyphertite configuration failed to retrieve the user certificate bundle (bz #52) Changes in 1.6.0 (Fri May 31 2013) - Add the ability to cancel running backups to the underlying library - Fix an issue where a handshake failure was considered a fatal error - Improve the way disconnects are handled - Correct some issues with error paths when archive operations are ended prematurely - Fix OpenBSD port Makefile for modern OpenBSD ports - Other minor bug fixes and code cleanup Changes in 1.5.3 (Wed Apr 17 2013) - Improve automatic reconnect handling Changes in 1.5.1 (Tue Feb 26 2013) - Fix an issue preventing archival of files >2GB on 32-bit Linux (bz #50) - Fix an issue where passwords with certain symbols would not work when stored in cyphertite.conf (bz #41) - Fix an issue with extraction of special devices - Correct case where hardlinks could fail to be created during restore - Other minor code cleanup Changes in 1.5.0 (Fri Feb 01 2013) - Improve relative path handling to ensure incremental change detection - Automatically strip ../ from paths unless -P is specified to match gtar - Other minor code cleanup Changes in 1.4.5 (Fri Jan 18 2013) - Fix an issue that caused a crash on older versions of Fedora during certificate download (bz #40) - Include version information for additional dependencies in -V output - Other minor code cleanup Changes in 1.4.3 (Tue Dec 11 2012) - Add enhanced detection of changed files for incremental backups - Remove option to create an unencrypted backup - Fix an issue where it was possible under certain circumstances for a running backup to end prematurely - Improve example code - Other minor code cleanup Changes in 1.4.2 (Mon Nov 19 2012) - Allow archival to existing cttags with differing basis by automatically enabling level 0 when necessary - Fix an issue preventing -C from extracting to a nonexistent directory - Compile example code on Linux - Other minor code cleanup Changes in 1.4.1 (Tue Oct 30 2012) - Add ability to delete remote secrets via cyphertitectl secrets delete - Fix a few memory leaks Changes in 1.4.0 (Tue Oct 16 2012) - Modify usage of -mef <ctfile> to -me <pattern> to support removal of multiple remote ctfiles with a single command - Improve backup performance after cull - Prevent changing remote secrets when there are ctfiles which depend on them - Fix a couple of memory leaks - Other minor cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 1.3.6 (Thu Aug 30 2012) - Stats are now reported in a human-readable format - Removal of remote metadata files via the -mef flag combination will now remove the local cachefile as well - Ctfiles that are referenced by other ctfiles may no longer be removed - Ensure the current file being processed is visible during archival - Significant internal changes and improvements - Other minor bug fixes Changes in 1.3.4 (Thu Aug 16 2012) - Add support for FreeBSD 9 - Add support for Bitrig - Allow cull to delete all data when all ctfiles have been removed - Only open the local database when required - Fix crash on FreeBSD - BZ#23 - Fix bug causing cull to hang indefinitely - Other minor bug fixes and code cleanup Changes in 1.3.0 (Tue Jul 17 2012) - Significant internal reorganization to split core cyphertite functionality into a library (libcyphertite) - Add and update man pages for new library - Improve error reporting - Various bug fixes and code cleanup Changes in 1.2.2 (Tue May 08 2012) - Fix bug to prevent crash after disconnect - Massive internal restructuring in preparation for additional changes - Other minor cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 1.2.1 (Thu Apr 26 2012) - Fix a bug in automatic certificate retrieval - Improve handling of path splitting - Correct some package dependencies - Other minor code cleanup Changes in 1.2.0 (Tue Apr 24 2012) - Automatically retrieve certificate bundle during configuration file generation - Simplify default configuration file generation - Add an expert mode to provide the previous configurability - Configuration file generation now creates a temporary file and renames it instead of writing directly - Move to libevent2 - Cleanup thread handling and use updated thread safe libraries - Compensate for lack of openat on OpenBSD prior to 5.0 - Other minor cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 1.1.1 (Wed Mar 28 2012) - Add pthreads support to provide a performance boost over previous releases of cyphertite - Fix extract error when extracting to another directory ie '-C' - Fix cull path problem where files were downloaded incorrectly - Update Copyrights for 2012 - Packaging fixes for FreeBSD Changes in 1.1.0 (Fri Mar 23 2012) - Fix major error in cull processing - Implement a major security enhancement on most systems by using openat(2) to securely walk directory trees instead of opening paths which could get renamed out from under the application - Cyphertite configuration file generation is now performed with 'cyphertitectl config generate' - Crypto secrets file generation is now done during configuration file generation, or explicitly with 'cyphertitectl secrets generate', as opposed to automatically generating it - Add ctctl secrets upload/download to store a user's secrets file on the server - Change the cyphertitectl command to change the secrets password to 'ctctl secrets passwd' - Allow specific debug levels to be disabled, eg '-Dall,-exude' - Fix error in cyphertite file browser related to rooted backups (-cP) - Other minor cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 1.0.2 (Tue Mar 13 2012) - Consistently use ctfile instead of md (metadata) file - Documentation cleanup - Other internal cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 1.0.1 (Mon Feb 27 2012) - Normalize user names to match web accounts - Add support for latest version of libevent - Improve and cleanup man pages - Include cyphertitectl (ctctl) man page in packages - Implement build versioning on Linux to match support on BSD - Allow manpages to be accessed with their short names on Linux - Improve usage clarity - Improve error reporting when loading file certificates - Fixed an issue regarding listing contents of an incremental backup - Other minor bug fixes, misc code cleanup, and improvements Changes in 1.0.0 (Mon Feb 13 2012) - Handle files truncated or growing during backup, best effort will be made to archive the files - Report useful error message when a user runs out of space on a limited space account - Add a method to implment backups instead of archives, for more information see the manpage 'BACKUP vs ARCHIVE' section - Change internal encoding of filenames as ct archives are backed up on server to provide better internationalization support - Cyphertite file browser usage changes and operation improvements - Minor fixes and improvements Changes in 0.6.1 (Fri Jan 06 2012) - Improve file browser utility (cyphertitefb) - Recommend .ct as the extension for metadata archive files - Implement debug trace filtering with '-D flagname' - Negotiate local database revision and sync with server - Other misc code cleanup and improvements Changes in 0.6.0 (Fri Dec 02 2011) - Enable UTF-8 support for file names - Add a new file browser utility (cyphertitefb) - Implement logic to validate the specified 'ctfile' - Fix an issue when all specified files are excluded via the -E option - Correct -P behavior - Add change log in root directory - General code cleanup and improvements Changes in 0.5.0 (Wed Nov 09 2011) - Fix certain scenarios where extracting incremental backups could cause files to be restored to the wrong directory - Update to use latest version of openssl (1.0.0e) - Consolidate configuration and operational files into a single directory by default - Other misc code cleanup and improvements Changes in 0.4.8 (Fri Oct 28 2011) - Add infrastructure for automatic feature negotiation - Fix metadata tag list output to allow copy/pasting with special chars - Update to use latest versions of several dependency libraries - Add build versioning - Improve code portability - Other minor cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 0.4.7 (Thu Oct 06 2011) - Fix -E flag when used with -0 flag and non-differential backups - FS#169 - Make -C flag work as intended in all modes - Fix local database initialization - FS#164 - Correct reduction ratio displayed in stats - FS#167 - Add debug print for scheduled files - FS#161 - Other minor cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 0.4.6 (Thu Sep 29 2011) - Handle case where none of the specified backup objects exist - Modify inclusion/exclusion processing to use full paths instead of only the filename on Linux - Properly restore suid bits with and without -p option - Store basename of backup file in remote mode incremental backups - Fix error when a symlink exists in the backup prefix - Add framework for upcoming features - General improvements and bug fixes Changes in 0.4.5 (Tue Sep 20 2011) - Fix bug where config file specified with -F will not activate properly - Fix memory leak. Changes in 0.4.4 (Tue Sep 20 2011) - Source code cleanup for CVS -> git migration - General code cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 0.4.3 (Tue Sep 13 2011) - Add logic to better handle differential extracts over an existing file system - Misc code cleanup and bug fixes Changes in 0.4.2 (Mon Aug 29 2011) - New metadata format introduced; shrinks md archives for most users by not storing redundant path names for each file - Speed up operations that do not need crypto secrets by not decrypting secrets upon startup - Switch to xmlsd_generate in libxmlsd instead of using printf XML generation - Minor fixes and improvements Changes in 0.4.1 (Wed Aug 18 2011) - Reimplement logic to prevent cyphertite from exiting immediately when a file or directory can't be written during extract - Fix various memory leaks - Other misc cleanup and minor bug fixes Changes in 0.4.0 (Mon Aug 15 2011) - Improve return messages to cyphertite from the backend - Add ctctl tool to change local crypto password - Fixed a metadata bug that made mixed endian architectures fail - Extract creates temporary files and then renames them instead of extracting directly into the original filename - Make cyphertite less verbose when server idle disconnects - Add support for include and exclude patterns for archive mode - Validate metadata file before commencing extract operation - Log file and directory creation errors and continue rather than exiting immediately - Fix a bug in the configuration file creation wizard where the wrong pointer was checked for a memory allocation - Fix a bug where crypto secrets could not be copied between little and big endian machines and vice versa Changes in 0.3.2 (Wed Aug 03 2011) - Dramatically decrease memory footprint of cyphertite - Add XML definitions for expanded metada list mode - Print out the filesize and mtime from the server prettily in md list mode - Permit differential backups of absolute paths to come from different working directories - Improve error reporting - Other misc bug fixes Changes in 0.3.1 (Wed Jul 27 2011) - Man page updates Changes in 0.3.0 (Tue Jul 26 2011) - Modify wizard to create the configuration path and to run it at more expected times - Add max_mdcache_size to config file to govern that the cache dir doesn't grow beyond set value - Add md_max_differentials to config file to govern when a new level 0 backup is run - Ensure that all metadata parts are downloaded before starting the extract operation - Prevent asymmetrical differential backups from running - Improve some error messages - Fix a couple of bugs in the differential backup code path Changes in 0.2.0 (Sun Jul 03 2011) - Add automated remote metadata mode - Add remote differential backup capability - Add restart support for metadata upload and download - Enable keep-alives on connect sockets - Enable throughput TOS on connected sockets - Updates to man pages - Other minor bug fixes Changes in 0.1.4 (Tue Jun 14 2011) - The startup wizard now prompts for the location of the config file - Enhance man pages - Add dependency version information - Set umask to 077 for all files created by cyphertite - Fix crash when uploading archive metadata - Other minor bug fixes Wed May 18 2011: - Initial release
Source: readme.txt, updated 2014-10-30

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