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NAME: gftp VERSION: 2.0.8 RELEASE: 2 SUMMARY: A multi-threaded FTP client for the X Window System. DISTRIBUTION: Red Hat Linux VENDOR: Red Hat, Inc. LICENSE: GPL PACKAGER: Red Hat, Inc. <> GROUP: Applications/Internet OS: Cygwin ARCH: i586 SOURCE RPM: REQUIRES: glib gtk+ libintl1 DESCRIPTION: gFTP is a multi-threaded FTP client for the X Window System. gFTP supports simultaneous downloads, resumption of interrupted file transfers, file transfer queues to allow downloading of multiple files, support for downloading entire directories/subdirectories, a bookmarks menu to allow quick connection to FTP sites, caching of remote directory listings, local and remote chmod, drag and drop, a connection manager and much more. Install gftp if you need an FTP client.
Source: gftp-2.0.8.README, updated 2002-12-08