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  • Amazing 64bit browser.

  • I found installation to be easy, and moving my Firefox profile relatively seamless with Profile Buddy (after installing net 4.6). Response and speed with Cyberfox are visibly improved over the 32 bit version of Firefox on my 64 bit Dell laptop. Pleased so far.

  • We provide privacy software and really like the philosophy behind CyberFox. We hope it goes from strength to strength. Excellent work.

  • nice useful .. i am from

  • Cyberfox intel x64 を使い始めてから 100 日以上が経過しました。 「IE」、「Chrome」、「Firefox」、「PaleMoon x64」の使用経験がありますが、「Cyberfox」が最高です! Cyberfox は、瞬時に応答し、動作が安定しています。 比類無き高性能ぶりを発揮します。 ◆ Firefox は、汎用性を重視し、32 bit 仕様で設計され、(Windows や Mac OS、Linux などとの)マルチプラットフォーム対応、万人向けの多機能型として開発されているため、メモリを浪費し、応答性も低下する宿命を持った Browser です。 ◆そのため、Windows に特化させた「Pale Moon」、CPU に最適化させた「Cyberfox」などの forked - Firefox が多数存在します。 いずれも base は、Firefox ですが、異次元の高性能ぶりを発揮します。 ◆ Cyberfox は、英語版で Release されますが、“ Language Pack” を install することで、言語変換は可能です。 なお、“Language Manager” を install しておけば、言語変換の手間を簡略化出来ます。 ~「Cyberfox」は、Browser の傑作品です。 強く推奨します!~

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  • Excellent browser very fast 64bit browser compared to Firefox 32bit. Installed yesterday. I was concerned about transferring from Firefox as I had a very heavily customised profile, and obviously many bookmarks. I used the "Firefox Environment Backup Extension" add-on in Firefox [FEBE for short] an excellent back-up facility that I have used for ages. Downloaded Cyberfox and installed FEBE on that. The did a restore profile from there using the file saved from Firefox. All OK and all my custom settings were transferred. Cyberfox is now my [speedy] default browser.

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  • Installed it yesterday and it works just fine. It does indeed seem faster than Firefox. But the inability to import passwords, sites allowed to leave cookies and bookmarks from Firefox is a major flaw - this MUST be fixed! Until then, 4 stars only. UPDATE: Thanks to brotherboard for putting me on to FEBE, which works just fine. I've upgraded the rating to 5 stars, although I still feel this feature should be built into Cyberfox.

  • I uninstalled when I found only import options were IE & Chrome...neither would work on this PC. If Cyberfox could have imported from waterfox or palemoon64, I would have gone further with it, but setting it up from way.

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  • I'm giving it 4 stars to start, only been using it for a couple of hours. But I like what I see so far - it seems to be very fast and it's not chewing up my CPU like Firefox was doing. I'm using a Toshiba laptop with an Intel P3 dual-core processor running at 2.2 GHz, Windows Home Premium 64 Bit, and 8GB of RAM, which *should* be more than enough machine and software to browse the web. However, Firefox (35.0.1) would start up and almost immediately peg my CPU at 100%. I also had to disable all Flash and Silverlight plugins which makes browsing the web almost impossible nowadays. Cyberfox is currently running with 2 tabs open and I'm seeing 7-15% CPU usage and 281 MB of RAM usage which is fine with me. I think the RAM usage is a wee bit high, Firefox would use about 160 MB, but I was way more concerned about maxing out my CPU. I have plenty of RAM, but once you start getting over 70% CPU usage, the system starts to get very sluggish. I tired to use the Waterfox browser but it would not startup properly, crashing almost immedaitely. SO far Cyberfox is working great and I plan on sticking with it as long as it maintains reasonable levels of CPU and RAM usage... -RW-

  • Great browser. Im running cyberfox v35 x64 and have a problem with the addon, random agent spoofer. It wont start when i open cyberfox, when i start cyberfox i have to go to extensions and disable and enable it to start it correctly. Please fix this! All other addons works great. Oh i almost forgot, the addon works without any problems and starts correct when i open Firefox v35 x86.

  • Cyberfox gave me back what Firefox no longer offered: Choice of which working environment I like best. Where Mozilla has taken a wrong turn, 8specstudios' developers stand by their followers. Unlike Mozilla the 8specstudios' developers actually also give support to their end-user base. Thats why I support them in return. Cyberfox itself is a 64-bit web-browser for the Windows operating system. The advantage of 64-bits for me is the fact it is able to optimally take advantage of the RAM('s) on my PC exceeding 3 GiB's, but I hope it will never actually need to use (much) more than the 500,000 K private bytes it is using right now.

  • I think it is a dumb idea to use its own profile. It was brilliant until version 28 when it still shared profile with Firefox. Nobody wants to maintain multiply profiles. And remember that a variant can never completely replace the genuine.

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  • Great browser!

  • Great browser, but still has the same problems as Firefox, Waterfox, etc. Downloading of large sized pngs and jpgs always causes the browser to crash. It doesn't seem to matter whether IP settings are optimized or not. So I'm thinking it's to do with the way the cache handles memory. Other than that, I love the program and it's features. I just hope that you eventually get it right with the problems that cause the browser crashes. Using Windows 7 x64 with SP1 by the way and running an AMD 9590FX CPU with 16Gb of memory at 1866Mhz. Just wish Microsoft hadn't chosen to rely on virtual memory so much. Best of luck with future updates and keep up the great work.

  • Cyberfox 64 is, in my opinion, an excellent 64bit Firefox project, impeccably well done, elegant and fast. I love the fact that Cyberfox now includes ( as default page for completely Private searching! Well Done Guys!

  • Best x64 build of FF I've tried!

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  • I came from Yandex Browser and switch to this, I'm loving it despite a few minor bugs :3

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  • doesn't work with XP,but i tried,it seems Firefox has went the way of all the others new and improved just seems to be doesn't work worth a damn,i have been using Firefox since the beginning and now i am trying really hard to find something that works and doesn't stall out,chrome crashes too much,some one needs to buy the copy write for XP and continue support,

  • Turns out I needed to delete my Firefox profile to install this. It was so worth it. This is the best, fastest, slickest browser I have ever used, hands down.

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  • Cyberfox is great, but dude; seriously, fix your installer. It just force restarted my computer and canceled my 3 day long Render, WHILE the Cyberfox "Do you want to restart" dialog was still apparent. Happened on Windows 8 Pro x64 -- That's pretty crappy man..

  • Normally love this browser, but v22 seems slower. Pages take longer to load. switching to Pale Moon is much faster. Update: Still slower, have uninstalled and re installed, but no luck. Will uninstall later and try to reinstall V21. Pale Moon and IE 10 are faster, took 2-3 mins to load this page. Usually this is fastest browser. Ok uninstalled v22 and went back to v21. v21 is faster by far. Forget it, problem with router and apologize for my stupidy. V22 screams after reseting router to defaults :)

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  • Cyberfox is wonderful! Thanks.

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