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  • I have been using it for more that 8 years (sinse 2009) in my gaming center, is a very solid program, thanks for keeping it updated and runing well.


  • Thank its very helpful.great project...i hope someday, cybera client can be scheduled shutdown automatically when there's no connected user or when in idle state..

  • Running it on my small business for about three years now, along with a lot of complementary open source tools... The best Net Cafe Timer in my opinion. This thing have never let me down. It works perfectly on windows 7 and Im very happy about it.

  • Hi, Simple but a good software. I'm running it since 1 year now. I would just ask how to setup the batch file at end of session ? I explain : i would like to launch CCleaner that is installed on each client PC. Thx in advance, Dom

  • The hungarian translation is not real :) Its just gibberish. But the program is really good.

  • Its a nice Client My Public Library started using it this year maybe was it last year... Dover New Hampshire, USA :D :D I have a few ideas for new features and improvements :D feel free to msg me

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  • Thanks for software and updates.

  • Reliable and stable, thanks cybera

  • Nice and easy to install and use.

  • Parab�ns

  • go open source,, it's so simple but perfect aplication

  • Nice, Thx For This aplication.

  • Probably the best open-source software for managing an internet cafe. Anyone can help me edit the source code to improve Cybera for Windows 7?

  • how to disable client end session button in client menu ? so only the admin can open and close session?

  • Very easy to use, the optimal solution for use since 2006 in Cyber Cafe.

  • very good project

  • It's a GOD send application for me...

  • goods brow

  • i'll try it..

  • i have been using this one but my problem is when my system crash, i cant restore the database. please help me how to restore the database. thanks a lot.