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cyb3r-sh3ll v 1.0 by cyb3r 9l4d!470r (Cyber Gladiator) ==[0x00] Introduction [0x00A] cyb3r-sh3ll is a advanced PHP shell with some unique features like Cpanel Cracker , Port Scanner, Security Scanner, Proxy, Whois,Dictionary Maker, Hash Cracker etc.\ [0x00B] This shell is a hybrid version of all most powerfull shells. It has around 40 distinct features and yet to be updated in next versions. [0x00C] This shell has immense capabilities and have been written with some concepts and tools in mind, which are mostly required during penetration testing. ====[0x01] Customization [0x01A] Email Trace back is set to Off as default and emails will not be sent , If you are setting This feature on make sure you change the default email address (cyb3r.gladiat0r@gmail.com) to Your email Address, Please Change it before using. [0x01B] Username and Passwords are set to cyber and gladiator respectively, please change them for better security. [0x01C] As default Lock Mode is set to on! This should not be change unless you want your shell exposed. [0x01D] As default the Anti-Crawler Feature is set to "off" ! Change it to "on" for anti-crawler support , and longer Shell life! ====[0x02] Support [0x02A] cyb3r.gladiat0r@gmail.com [0x02B] www.fb.com/h4rdeep ====[0x03] Default Login [0x03A] Username : cyber [0x03B] Password : gladiator ==[0x04] Features [0x04A] Shell [0x04B] Platform Independent [0x04C] Encoder (md5,crypt, sha1, crc32, url(encode/decode), base_64(encodr/decoder), dec2hex ) [0x04D] Cracker (Hash, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, SNMP, MySQL, HTTP Form, HTTP Basic, Cpanel) [0x04E] Dictionary Maker [0x04F] Port Scanner [0x04G] NS Lookup [0x04H] Security Scanner [0x04I] List of Processes [0x04J] Full Server Info (CPU Info, Username, OS, Disk Drive Info, etc..) [0x04K] Automatic Exploit Searching [0x04L] Proxy [0x04M] WhoIs [0x04N] SQL Administration [0x04O] PHP Code Evaluater [0x04P] Mass Code Injector (Appender and Overwriter) [0x04Q] PHP Obfuscator [0x04R] Web-Server Fuzzer [0x04S] Mass Mailer [0x04T] Mail Bomber (With Less Spam detection feature) [0x04U] Anonymous Mailer with Attachment [0x04V] PHP Safe Mode By-Passer [0x04W] PHP DOSer [0x04X] Design [0x04Y] Secure Login [0x04Z] Sites on Local Sever [0x05A] Deletion of Files [0x05B] Bind Shell [0x05C] Back Connect [0x05D] Rename Files [0x05E] Encoded Title [0x05F] Traceback (Email Alerts) [0x05G] Better Command Execution (even supports older version of PHP) [0x05H] Lock Mode Customisation [0x05I] PHP Decoder [0x05J] Anti-Crawler Feature [0x05K] Python & C Bind-Shell [0x05L] Self Remover ==[0x06] Greetings [0x06A] Team h4cK2b0yZz [0x06B] All Indian Hackers [0x06C] r45c4l bro (My Source of Inspiration) [0x06D] r8l35n4k (Ratal Snake) [0x06E] Cyb3R_s3CuR3 (Cyber Secure) [0x06F] All my friends, who always help me.
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