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  • I downloaded the zip file, but it looks like it only contains a manifest file. I like this before but was going to download it again, since I'm having an issue with latest kepler version of eclipse. The error was as follows: An internal error occurred during: "ChangeLog". tried to access field from class net.sf.cvschangelog.ChangeLog

  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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  • zip file only has a manifest file in it.

  • I did exactly as Steve Jones said, I unzipped it in plugins folder. However, instead of getting a list with all files took place in a single commit, I only get the file on which I did the right-click->Team->changeLog. My eclipse is 3.4.2. Also, I am very very curious to understand how on earth this could impact the application start up time ????

  • With this plugin you can view a list of the files you committed at the same time with the same comment, thus implementing a view of your repository that resembles that produced by the "svn log" command. I'd recommend it warmly to everyone and especially all the people who (like me) were used to work with SVN revisions and now need to get used to CVS instead. The only down side is that it slows down application startup (I use it with IBM Rational Application Developer 7.5.4).

  • Unzip and drop folder net.sf.cvschangelog_0.6.2 into eclipse plugins. Works like a dream on eclipse 3.6 (Helios). Thanks.

  • Works great - it was just what I needed! Installation was a pain though because the zip file had a directory called "." in the path which messed up my unzipper.

  • Works all right. Would be nice if updated and incorporated into the standard History view (see Feature Request #1530319).