NOTICE: 64-bit version is included and it has some few changes in it and it is slightly different than the 32-bit version ones.

This is a customized version of Ubuntu 12.04, based from my first custom build.

Inspired from one of the Vocaloid virtual singers, this version is design for fans who want to enjoy with, even otakus who want a freedom...

Designed by fan. For fans...

*CV03 stands for Megurine Luka's codename...

**Note that Ubuntu 12.04 CV03 Version is changed into a new distro name, Lukabuntu 12.04.

DISCLAIMER: This distro project have NO AFFILIATION with Yamaha Corporation and Crypton Future Media and they have nothing to do with this distro project.


  • Audio & video codecs included.
  • Java and Flash plugin included
  • Unity Desktop Envronment alongside with Gnome3 Desktop Environment
  • Gnome Shell Extensions are pre-configured so you don't need to configure every time when booting the Live DVD/USB version
  • New look of Gnome3 Shell Theme and its desktop window theme
  • Firefox browser included
  • Steam client app included
  • Evolution mail client, replacing Thunderbird as default mail client.
  • Grub splash boot and Plymouth theme have a new look...more fancier...
  • Alternative open-source office apps like LibreOffice, Evolution, GIMP, etc.
  • Media players such as Totem video player, VLC, Rhythmbox and Music On Console which the lightweight media player that can be only operated in the terminal (run mocp to open the app)
  • Installs and boot faster than Windows
  • Free of nasty viruses and malware threats
  •'s FREE, where you don't need to pay to use this!
  • Long Term Support (LTS) version which you can use it up to 5 years compared to normal Ubuntu distribution version.

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