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The current version of Currency for PalmOS is 4.3 released on 11 February 2011. Version 4.3 fixes a bug in the on-line update function which caused the last few currencies not to be updated. Also it dropped the Federal Reserve Board as a data source, since it stopped providing its daily updates on Jan 1 2009. Now it uses OANDA ( instead which has the nice side effect that the number of supported currencies has increased to 160. Also more countries joined the Euro and some currency codes were changed since the 4.2 release in 2007. See below for more details on the changes. You can follow the development and contribute to the project on SourceForge: Below a list of changes. Version 4.3 (2011-02-11) - New Euro currencies: CYP and MTL (2008), SKK (2009), EEK (2011). - Added more currencies pegged to the Euro: BAM, STD, XOF. - Currency code changes: CSD->RSD (Serbian Dinar), GHC->GHS (Ghana Cedi), SDD->SDP (Sudan Dinar->Sudan Pound), VEB->VEF (Venezuela Bolivar). - Bug fix for download of cupdate.pdb. 4.2 omitted the last few currencies in the on-line update. - Replaced the Federal Reserve with OANDA as currency source since the Fed discontinued its daily rate updates on 1 Jan 2009. - Rates for precious metals are now correct. - Some spelling corrections. Version 4.2 (2007-02-24) - Support for the fiveway navigator (one-handed navigation) for devices like Tungsten T5, LifeDrive, E2, TX, Treo 600, 650, 680, 700p. - New application icon contributed by Ciro Rodrigues. - Slovenia (SIT) joined the Euro on Jan 1 2007. - Following currencies have fixed exchange rates with the Euro: West + Central African Franc (XAF), Polynesian Franc (XPF), Cape Verde Escudo (CVE) and Comoro Franc (KMF). Before 4.2 their rates came from PACIFIC causing non existant fluctuations against the Euro. Now these currencies behave the same as the old Euro currencies. Version 4.1 (2006-11-18) - Name and ISO fields for user defined currencies are now editable. - Reset calculator logic when selecting a different currency. Now switching currency in the middle of a calculation works as expected. - Add support for pageup/pagedown and fiveway up/down keys in help forms. Version 4.0 (2006-07-03) - Added built-in update of exchange rates for devices with internet connectivity. - Scrolling of currencies on the main form is now continuous. - Currency also checks for the exchange rate updates (cupdate.pdb) on expansion cards. - DIA settings are now saved between runs. - Use the system Edit menu in most forms. - Various bug fixes. Version 3.5 (2006-05-21) - Added DIA (Dynamic Input Area) support for Palm, Sony and Handera devices using the PalmResize code by Alexander Pruss ( - Max number of simultaneously displayed currencies increased from 8 to 12. - In details (a.k.a. Select) form disable add button when list is full and disable delete button when list is empty. - Fixed an off-by-one bug introduced in 3.4 which caused the rightmost characters on Sony devices to be clipped. Version 3.4 (2006-03-29) - The currencies in the main form are now done with a table instead of individual fields. This in preparation for DIA support. - Due to the use of a table, backward compatibility is increased. Now Currency runs on every version of Palm OS >= 2.0. - When installing a new version all user settings and user defined currencies from a previous version are transferred correctly. This did not happen in 3.4beta. - Color menu items are only shown on color devices. - The "Settings/Number format" menu item now calls the Formats panel of the Preferences application directly instead of showing a form to tell you to use the Preferences app. - Corrected the computation of the exchange rate for silver (XAG), gold (XAU) and platinum (XPT). These use inverse logic. Already implemented in the daily update (cupdate.pdb) since 2006-03-26. - Changed some currency descriptions so country name comes first. This makes it easier to find them in the alphabetically sorted selection list. For example some people had problems finding the Israelian sheqel since it was listed as 'New Israeli Sheqel (ILS)' in 3.4beta. Version 3.4beta (2006-01-03) - Added hi-res icons and made icons transparent for launcher (the hi-res icons can certainly be improved). - Removed all references to OANDA. - Adapted the updating of exchange rates. It now uses information from the European Central Bank, Federal Reserve Bank, and PACIFIC (Policy Analysis Computing & Information Facility In Commerce) of the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business, Vancouver, Canada. - Fixed the build of cupdate.pdb. Stefan Braunstein's version produces a version which contains a lot of useless records. - Updated help and about forms. - Streamlined make file(s), shell and awk scripts. - Added GPL notice to all relevant files - Modified Makefile to allow for building outside the source directory - .... For building instructions see the file BUILDING. Currency's home at The daily exchange rates update database (cupdate.pdb) is available at Ton van Overbeek, 2011-02-11
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