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  • I love study The Synth World with this software

  • My sound-oriented Android apps have benefitted a lot from Csound5, and I've found the Android implementation to be robust and relatively straightforward to implement and test. The difficulty I often have is finding appropriate examples or documentation of opcodes and .csd syntax. I find it difficult to go from object-oriented Java (abstract, coherent, with lots of good examples) to Csound (concrete, specific, sometimes inconsistent, with not so many examples). I think the community is great (I'm sure I wouldn't have finished these apps without the help of many here)--but it may be time to have another look at the structure of csd with the goal of making it more accessible to a general-purpose developer.

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  • Thanks very good project! +

  • These are great tools, and thanks for updating them. I have added the links to your updated versions to my blog. Thanks.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

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  • Csound is a pretty good, but Csoundqt isn't very accessible for the blind people. Big misstake is, that doesn't exists any front end accessible for Csound. Good luck for developers of this project and much successes.

  • Good and useful software

  • Great product! Works well and developer replies to questions and request.

  • Great application! Thank you!

  • merci beaucoup

  • Very good. thanks

  • Awesome! and wonderfull API to integrate the compressor in my own projects!

  • Great and versatile. THE ftp client.

  • i use it every day, can't live without it!

  • Yes great tool, works great.

  • Good Soft! Thank.

  • One of the best FTP clients I've tried for GNU/Linux and Windows

  • Never use another.

  • This is one of my must haves after a reimage.

  • This is surely one of the best open source projects.

  • great tool

  • My good friend uses this and he absolutely swears by this app!

  • Awesome job, thanks a ton for discussing

  • Good job, thank you so much for giving out

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