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character-set based brute-forcing algorithm Copyright (C) 2004 by mimayin@aciiid.ath.cx Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 by bofh28@gmail.com This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2 only of the License This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. crunch version 1.0 was written by mimayin@aciiid.ath.cx all later versions of crunch have been updated by bofh28@gmail.com Changelog: version 1.0 initial release in 2004 (guess based on copyright date) 194 lines of code version 1.1 added support to read character list from a specified file version 1.2 added output parameter version 1.3 added -c parameter to break apart output file. I would prefer to break apart on file size instead of number of lines, but there is no reliable way to get that information while the file is being created. version 1.4 added better help documentation and fixed some bugs: space character was sometimes getting stripped off in charset replace if (pattern[0]==0) { with if ((strncmp(&pattern[0],"\0",1)==0)) { to make splint happy rename templ variable to pattern changed some fixed size local buffers to dynamically allocated buffers if max-len was larger than strlen of the -t parameter crunch would generate duplicate words document some of the code version 1.5 fixed length and -s parameter. Before if you did ./crunch 1 3 -s you would only get j-z and not j-zzz converted some fixed length buffers to variable length added checks to fclose fixed it so that -s and -t can now work together added support to generate wordlists greater than 2GB even though several programs can't access files of this size (john the ripper for example) This support works on Ubuntu intrepid. This probably works on most Linux platforms. Support for Solaris, HP-UX, Windows, BSD is unknown. version 1.6 add option (-p) to support factorial instead of exponentail processing. i.e. if you did ./crunch 3 3 abc you would get 27 results (3x3x3): a through ccc This new option will give you 6 results (3! = 3x2x1) i.e. (abc, acb, bac, bca, cab, cba) the permute function was written by Richard Heathfield and copied from http://bytes.com/groups/c/536779-richard-heathfields-tsp-permutation-algorithm I did change temp from an int to char to make splint happy. Richard Heathfield may be contacted at rjh@cpax.org.uk version 1.7 add option (-m) to support factoring words instead of characters version 1.8 add option (-z) to support compressing the output version 1.9 only need permute2 (remove permute and renamed permute2 to permute) fix off by 1 error - reported by MikeCa fix issue where output file wasn't being renamed fork progress process really fix it so that -s and -t can now work together when using -c sometimes the output was 1 larger than requested cstring_cmp from http://www.anyexample.com/programming/c/qsort__sorting_array_of_strings__integers_and_structs.xml to sort words to permute so the results will be in sorted order version 2.0 permute now supports -c -o & -z. -f is also supported for permuting letters really really fix it so that -s and -t can now work together added null checks for parameter values to prevent segmentation faults added support to invert chunk output - written by Pillenski added support to breakup file based on size - written by Pillenski version 2.1 permute now supports -b add signal handling - pressing ctrl break will cause crunch to finish the word it is processing and then gracefully exit instead of leaving files open and words half finished. This is the first step in supporting resume. chunk now supports resume version 2.2 pattern supports numbers and symbols version 2.3 fix bytecount add new options to usage version 2.4 fix usage (-m and not -n) - reported by Tape clarified -b option in help and man file - reported by Tape fix Makefile install to /pentest/passwords not /pentest/password - reported by Tape make bytecount behave consistently - reported by Tape fixed up copyrights version 2.5 -q permute supports reading from strings from file sorted parameters in code and usage -t supports upper and lower case letters -f supports multiple charsets add -v option to show version information add correct gpl.txt (version 2 not 3) fix charset.lst (some symbol14 had 15 chars) add symbol14, symbol14-space, symbol-all, and symbol-all-space to charset.lst removed examples and parameters from usage. I added a sentence telling people to refer to the man page. It is easier to update the man only. combined -m and -p into -p got rid of some unnecessary casts changed all mallocs to callocs, this shuts up a few splint warnings version 2.6 fix -p seg fault - reported by Tape improve -p documentation - reported by Tape fix Makefile to install to correct directory again - reported by Tape fix Makefile to install charset.lst - reported by Tape fix memory leak replace if (argv[i+1] != NULL) with if (i+1 < argc) as argv[i+1] can be filled garbage so it is not an accurate test fix an off by 1 in resume counter resume now respects the -b parameter, previously it was ignored -s now supports the @*%^ symbols in -t added status report when saving to file renamed some variables to better names added a few comments to variables added a hex string 0123456789abcdef to charset.lst version 2.7 fix progress bar when using -s fixed typo man file - Thanks Tape add -u option to suppress all filesize and linecount so crunch can feed another program fork a child process for progress %% Niclas Kroon added swedish characters to the charset.lst permute supports -t added -std=c99 to Makefile since unsigned long long isn't in c89 ran valgrind and fixed a small memory issue. I forgot to allocate space for the \0 character in a few places. Doh! improved documentation of the charset field version 2.8 fix progress message. It could cause a fatal error under certain circumstances version 2.9 fix divide by zero error. version 3.0 fix wrong version number changed the * character of -t option to a , (comma) as * is a reserved character strip off blank lines when reading file for permute (-q option) I fixed a problem with using -i and -t together add -l to allow for literal characters of @,%^ fix -b and -c and % output fix permute -t to work with -b and -c fixed crash when / character was in filename replace / with space - reported by Nazagul version 3.0.1 fix printpermutepattern - it was using $ instead of , version 3.1 make -l take a string so you can have @ and characters add TB and PB to output size fix comments referencing $ that should be , add -e to end generation after user specified string (useful when piping crunch to a program) version 3.2 add -d to limit duplicate characters put correct function name into error messages to help with debugging fix Makefile uninstall to remove crunch directory and install GPL.TXT removed flag5 as it wasn't needed if you press Ctrl-C crunch will now print where it stops so you can resume piping crunch into another program version 3.3 add more information to help section Fixed mem leaks, invalid comparisons - fixed by JasonC Error messages and startup summary now go to stderr (-u now unnecessary) - fixed by JasonC Fixed startup delay due to long sequences of dupe-skipped strings - fixed by JasonC Added unicode support - written by JasonC fix write and compress error - reported and fixed by amontero fix printpercentage -> linecounter should be ->linetotal add support for 7z version 3.4 fix -e problem reported by hajjid test compile using Ubuntu 12.10 and fixed the following issues: reorder flags in Makefile so crunch can compile successfully remove finall variable from printpercentage remove loaded from main version 3.5 make changes to the man based on suggestions from Jari Aalto pass pidret to void to make warning go away rename GPL.TXT to COPYING removed need for -o to use -c i.e. you can use -c any time now fixed resume fixed linecount and size when using -c and/or -e version 3.6 fix endstring problem reported and fixed by mr.atreat@gmail.com fix a memory allocation reported and fixed by Hxcan Cai allow Makefile to detect Darwin so make will work properly reported and fixed by Marcin TODO: Listed in no particular order add resume support to permute (I am not sure this is possible) make permute more intelligent (min, max) (I am not sure this is possible either) support SIGINFO when Linux supports it, use SIGUSR1 until SIGINFO is available finalbytecount isn't currently correct for unicode chars unless -p used let user specify placeholder characters (@,%^) add date support? specify multiple charset names using -f i.e. -f charset.lst + ualpha 123 + make permute use -e revamp compression part of renamefile 7z doesn't delete original file size calculations are wrong when min or max is larger than 12 write word to temp file for resuming after power outage usage: ./crunch <min-len> <max-len> [charset] e.g: ./crunch 3 7 abcdef This example will compute all passwords between 3 and 7 chars using 'abcdef' as the character set and dump it to stdout. usage: ./crunch <from-len> <to-len> [-f <path to charset.lst> charset-name] [-o wordlist.txt or START] [-t [FIXED]@@@@] [-s startblock] Options: -b : maximum bytes to write to output file. depending on the blocksize files may be some bytes smaller than specified but never bigger. -c : numbers of lines to write to output file, only works if "-o START" is used, eg: 60 The output files will be in the format of starting letter - ending letter for example: crunch 1 5 -f /pentest/password/charset.lst mixalpha -o START -c 52 will result in 2 files: a-7.txt and 8-\ .txt The reason for the slash in the second filename is the ending character is space and ls has to escape it to print it. Yes you will need to put in the \ when specifying the filename. -d : specify -d [n][@,%^] to suppress generation of strings with more than [n] adjacent duplicates from the given character set. For example: ./crunch 5 5 -d 2@ Will print all combinations with 2 or less adjacent lowercase duplicates. -e : tells crunch to stop generating words at string. Useful when piping crunch to another program. -f : path to a file containing a list of character sets, eg: charset.lst name of the character set in the above file eg: mixalpha-numeric-all-space -i : inverts the output so the first character will change very often -l : literal characters to use in -t @,%^ -o : allows you to specify the file to write the output to, eg: wordlist.txt -p : prints permutations without repeating characters. This option CANNOT be used with -s. It also ignores min and max lengths. -q : Like the -p option except it reads the strings from the specified file. It CANNOT be used with -s. It also ignores min and max. -r : resume a previous session. You must use the same command line as the previous session. -s : allows you to specify the starting string, eg: 03god22fs -t [FIXED]@,%^ : allows you to specify a pattern, eg: @@god@@@@ where the only the @'s will change with lowercase letters the ,'s will change with uppercase letters the %'s will change with numbers the ^'s will change with symbols -u : The -u option disables the printpercentage thread. This should be the last option. -z : adds support to compress the generated output. Must be used with -o option. Only supports gzip, bzip, lzma, and 7z. This code can be easily adapted for use in brute-force attacks against network services or cryptography. Compiles on: linux (32 and 64 bit Ubuntu for sure, 32 and 64 bit Linux in general works. I have received word that crunch compiles on MacOS. It should compile on freebsd and the other Unix and Linux OSs but I don't don't have access to any of the those systems. Please let me know.
Source: readme.txt, updated 2014-05-17

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