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  • Health app. Thanks for sharing. cronometer is the best!

  • It simply works!

  • excellent app

  • merci beaucoup

  • Great program. I've lost 5 kilos in 4 months since I started tracking my diet!

  • Cron-O-Meter is an excellent diet tracking program. It is simple to use yet very comprehensive and highly customizable. I have used it for years. I have tried other diet tracking programs, but I keep coming back to this one. I am glad that the developers added the exercise feature, it allows for tracking the exercise and it is customizable as well to enter your own exercise. I use a formula that I found on the Internet to compute burnt calories as a function of weight, average heart beat rate during exercise and duration. --Elie

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Could somebody be kind enough as to tell me how can i download the source code ? I am a novice to programmation and open source, but I got an interest in the community and i wish i could implement a few options on the software. Many thanks

  • The person that said this was a virus is a knucklehead. Submitted to virustotal and came back 100% clean CRONOMETER-setup-0.9.9.exe Submission date: 2012-01-09 14:14:23 (UTC) Current status: finished Result: 0/ 41 (0.0%)

  • Great piece of software. If you are committed to tracking your health, this will enable you to do so. They seem to be promoting their web version, but I hope they will maintain everything in an open source fashion. I would love to run CRON-o-Meter on my OwnCloud. Any Plans for that?


  • very good piece of software.

  • very good project

  • CRONoMeter ist das beste Diet-Programm, das zur Zeit für Mac zu finden ist. Ist eine deutsche Version und / oder eine iPhone Version geplant? All the best, Jochen

  • I found Cromometer very easy to use but would appreciate having access to a simple tutorial so I can take full advantage of all it's functions and features Thanks

  • I wish that the program could create and group meals by hours with a title, for example "post-workout" 16:00 hours

  • This prog is amazing and chock-full of super-useful nutritional information. Looking forward to seeing it ported to Droid OS

  • glad to see that this is still being developed. many thanks to Ryan Dortmans for adding exercise tracking. i find this program to be quicker and cleaner than all the web tools. hope it continues to improve.

  • This is the best diet tracker I've seen. Simple, clean, and flexible. Any plans to write is as an iphone app?

  • Best Calorie Counter EVER

  • An excellent program and what is great the creator is keeping it up to date and does listen to people's suggestions for changes - that's rare in a freebie.

  • Excellent software for logging your diet quickly. Easily shows you nutritional breaks downs and vitamin/mineral intakes.

  • For those complaining about the lack of a proper linux package -- it's OPEN SOURCE. Please submit one. I don't use linux and don't have a clue how to make a proper linux package. So someone else is going to have to do it for me, and I'll gladly add it.

  • This program does exactly what it says, wonderfully. It is great for those interested in calorie restriction, while monitoring nutritional values! Thanks.