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  • Nice app, but you should try the Bookhungama free ebooks download for android and ios.

  • Piece of shit that doesn't work. text loads fine, but no images. Oh, and one has to thorugh insanely old menu to choose e-books. Have you heard about copying the url and pasting it?! Of course not, and I have to dig through twenty subfolders to get to it.

  • Perhaps it is a good software but certainly not for Android 7+. Me too it repeatedly crashes every time I try to open any ebook file. I had to uninstall it. If you have Android >= 7 I guess you'll have to wait until (if...) the author updates its code to handle it. Android 7.0 on Huawei Honor 6X BLN-AL-40 4GB. Kernel version 4.1.18-g9aa64f8, CPU Kirin 655.

  • I always enjoyed using it. However, the Android version fails to see my SDCARD and I am unable to use it for book storage. I am forced to use internal storage...or, as seems to be the case, use a different book reader (which I do not wish to do). Why has development for the Android version stalled?

  • Virker til det den skal. Ingen brok der. Designet kan altid diskuteres, men hvad fanden. Tak for lån :-)

  • The Windows GUI is impossible – doesn't have a standard "Browse…" button, cannot open through dropping on window or shortcut, has to do it in its own dysfunctional way.

  • On Win10 Pro. Put it in full screen mode, and lost the mouse cursor. Closed program and reopened, was still in full screen mode. Unable to see mouse cursor.

  • hello ! How I can add my own fonts? Привет! как добавить свои шрифты? (или Windows\Fonts)?

  • Crashed on my fist small simple book

  • Cool Reader crashes when you select a file with Chinese characters in the filename. In books which contain Chinese characters they are displayed as squares. There appears to be no multilingual support other than Russian.

  • always loved it.

  • Top notch better than Adobe Digital Editions Reader

  • Hello. I installed Cool Reader 3.3.61 on the tablet Prestigio Visconte quad (with windows 8.1), all is well, but i can't make bookmarks. Can't highlight words to make a bookmark. In cool reader version 2 I can do bookmarks but don't understand how in this version (CR2) to flip the pages.

  • Easy setup, text-to-speech was a nice surprise (has some problems with highlighted/bolded text), minor bug when showing last page of doc ("next page" function performs page turn animation, but just shows the last two pages again - better to detect being on the last page and show some appropriate "you are at the end of the book" animation). But those are quibbles, this allowed me to quickly view an ePub document I received, with no real hassle.

  • only this work in all win ass OPDS client

  • Cool Reader is working fine in x64 Windows 10 Pro. I use Kirby Alarm to start CR3 each morning at 5:00 am. My last book read is automatically opened. I click the Back button and choose my book and it opens on page 1. My Morning Prayers is just a plain text file which I edit in Notepad. CR3 displays one prayer per page with the title centered and bold.. I do this by starting each prayer with a <tab> character followed by the prayer title and then a blank line before the prayer text. CR works equally well on my Android 4.4 LG phone.

  • Program crashes when starting in Windows 8.1 x64

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  • I'm running this reader on win 10 and have had zero problems. Easy install and use for e-book reading. Love it!

  • The program will not run under Windows XP. Made many attempts after unzipping the file. Absolutely no error message, no feedback to tell me what's wrong. Comonnnnn folks, get this one straight. Sadly, I cannot use it.

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  • This program would not start.

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  • Thank you. The best program. Recommended!

  • Best book reader ever, both for win and mobile

  • I got a notification for the latest version yesterday (11/17/2015--I use this prog so much I MUST stay updated) and at first everything I tried to load brought a "Failed to load" error and an instant crash. But after restarting, it worked just fine, so not sure why that happened. But just wanted to say this is the best version yet and it shocked me that I was no longer limited to a small sized reader on my Win7 x64 screen. That alone was worth the dl. Thank you so much! The "Just OK" rating for support is because I have no idea what support is like. Never needed it (though I thought I did yesterday).

  • DTS-06052013:11:13 Hello, On MSW732B, the application fails because the programmed calls assume to originate from logged user directory rather than program directory. Therefore, the database SQlite is never found. It was discovered when the extraction directory was changed. Furthermore, it doesn't call elevated permissions on MSWV32B+ as needed; meaning it would fail anyway. I'm not sure what kind of reviews are on Sf, but one-liners are often bought! Thank you, --- MMS

  • This is a great book reader for my android phone. I wish it was available for Window 7 64b, or Windows 8.1. I love that I can enlarge the print for easier viewing without my glasses, and I really love that I can use the read aloud function so I can do other things while listening. The voice is great, sounds real and I don't mind listening to it. I don't have any problems switching back and forth between books, although occasionally it stops working (what doesn't?). I am really glad to have found this app.

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