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All the CRC files are now grouped into a single file for convenience. The files are also available separately; see 'Separate Files' folder. The C version has been converted into a library by Rich Bayless; see file CRC-Library.tar.bz2 Disclaimer: I released these files in the public domain. These test programs demonstrate the calculation of CRC on many languages, nati- vely. This was done as an exercise to familiarize myself with the programming languages. I made these translation with a basic knowledge of each language. They may or may not be appropriately formatted / secured / robustified / idiot proofed or any similar programming issues. The files are distributed as is, without any warranty of any kind. Use at your own risk. Some files can be compiled separately, some needs an IDE. Support up to 64-bit CRC ------------------------ Pascal Free Pascal Compiler D Digital Mars D compiler or GNU D compiler Python Ruby C# MonoDevelop, Visual Studio Express (See 'Separate Files' folder) C Objective-C Almost same as C Fortran 95 OCaml F# Haskell GHC Vala valac Erlang Java Basic Gambas Ada Gnat 40 and 64-bit not supported or not working ------------------------------------------ Perl TCL Awk Gnu awk M4 PHP Mythryl Some info still missing for using the 32-bit and 64-bits unsigned integers Compiles but doesn't work ------------------------- Doesn't compile, doesn't work ----------------------------- OORexx Platforms --------- my_z80 asm SDCC TSR80-Model 3 asm Radio Shack/Tandy TRS80 Model 3
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