Two programs, one in Java and one in Javascript, which display a configurable graphical countdown timer on a computer. Useful for testing situations and short-range anticipated events.

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User Reviews

  • This program provides a simple, one window timer that you can set and forget until your time is up. Set the amount of time you need (minutes only) and it will countdown for you. Javascript Edition: Runs as expected, just open page in downloaded folder to run the timer in a browser window. This is the most flexible if you want to resize, move or place the window on your monitor setup. This is the most flexible, but because it relies on your browser, has limited fonts to be used. Perhaps the ability to select or 'name' a Google font to be used could be coded into future editions, or those in the know could do it themselves. When selecting a sound to play in Firefox, script ends with "This browser is not equipped for scripted sound." and does nothing. JAR Edition ----- Configuration form is intuitive and easy to configure. Configuration form cannot be resized. Font selection drop-down boxes are not wide enough to display font names correctly. If a user such as myself as multiple editions of a font, I cannot choose the correct one without guesswork. eg. Public Gothic.. (I have 4 listed, which one can I select? Cant see the names they are cut off) Cannot enter a seconds amount only in "Time For Countdown" field. Not a big deal but I just wanted to input 15 seconds for a quick test and couldn't. In fact, one cannot enter a seconds amount at all. JAR runs in full screen mode, would like to have had a windowed edition ability, since on a multiple monitor the JAR expands to fill up the monitor space, and cannot be dragged, minimized or assigned to another monitor space in the setup. If 'Splash Screen Graphic' is assigned, the timer does not start until one clicks on the splash to start this. There is, however, no instruction about this, so on first use it seems like the program does nothing. Please include tooltip on the field in the form describing what it is and why you would want to use a splash graphic. "WAV to Play" only allows waves to play, please include ability to play other files, perhaps .mp3 and .ogg files which will give the user more choice. When a user wants to select a different .wav file to play, the last directory searched is not saved in the File Open dialog box. Also, the type of .wav file must be specific, for after choosing a file to test from my hd, I got a 'file type not supported' error. Perhaps provide simple wavs to go along with the program, add a tooltip description to the field describing the sample/bitrate/type of .wav allowed.

  • Can you make the size scalable?

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Intended Audience

Customer Service, Education, End Users/Desktop, Manufacturing

User Interface

Web-based, Win32 (MS Windows), X Window System (X11)

Programming Language

Java, JavaScript