Are you looking for a PHP platform to launch your own real estate website? Cory Real Estate script is full-featured real estate php application. It is a simple but powerful and customizable for medium and large real estate websites.

Cory Real Estate application is powered by MySQL database and run on PHP version 4.0 or higher.


  • Quick and advanced search: Allow users to search by title, locality, category, or mix of these and other criteria.
  • Security and spam protection Help users/administrators fight with spam effectively, ban users with abuse action or ban IPs.
  • Share: Allow users share ads with their friends
  • Allows to approve ads before posting, delete/edit ads
  • Display ads with google map
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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User Reviews

  • Very Poor English, Lots of bugs. Upon registration, if they get ONE field incorrect, it says "email already exists" because it writes the info to the database, then checks to make sure that email isn't already in use. They think that Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, etc are CITIES.... where as ... CITIES, are "Districts"... so you have to go and change that manually all over the website. look.... i'm not going to spend days or weeks fixing grammatical, and fairly obvious errors even if it is a free script. Sorry.... this thing needs a ton of work... I haven't even gotten deep into it... i gave up as soon as i had the glitch with signup and saw all of the bad grammar littered all over the site. Not Worth My Time!!!!!!!!! P.S.!!!!!! I have been using this Sourceforge for YEARS!!! and i LITERALLY SIGNED UP JUST TO LEAVE A BAD REVIEW ON THIS SCRIPT... ITS THAAATTTT BAD!

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