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  • It's still running in macOS Sierra (v.10.12.4)? I would like to try another app different the Official Microsoft RDP Client for Mac (that It's very good, but sometimes I miss in him some functions of other clients). Thanks for the information ;-)

  • Dead. Don't use this. It's utterly broken.

  • Mac os x El Capitan constantly crashing... The project appears to be dead...

  • Cord will disconnect my session every time I switch to another application running on my local machine. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance (OSX 10.8.5 / CoRD v0.5.7 (5701)

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  • Unusable under El Capitain - constant crashing

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  • Crashes on El Capitan when using the Full Screen hotkeys, or when connecting to an additional server. Otherwise it's great!

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  • Works quick and stable with Yosemite 10.10.3 and all Windows versions exept Windows Server 12, here you have to wait half a minute or more to get a cursor in the screen,

  • Since the most recent version, my Mac keeps disconnecting. I can no longer depend on this app. Using OS X Yosemite 10.2.2. Let me know when it is fixed.

  • Every now and then crashes, but way more importantly: wrong language! It's in French!

  • Since the last upgrade of my MacAir, the application is very instable. It closes by itslef every few minutes. I'm using it with a VPN. Never had any problems before unfortunately I cannot using it anymore until this problem is fixed. Thank you.

  • @tpierce777 CoRD works an Mavericks ! I use it since Mavericks release without problems

  • Love the program, but come on, I want to upgrade to Mavericks (OSX 10.9), and you don't support it. It has been over a year since anyone has updated it! I'm not a programmer, but it can't be that difficult to make it work. Please!!!

  • doesn't work. when connection fails, there are no error messages whatsoever. garbage.

  • Cord works great.

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  • Good Project!

  • Great project thanks for the great release!

  • Great UI. Everything needed is onboard.

  • Love it, but I'm getting a prompt that my license will expire in 8 days. Using a Mac w/ OS 10.8.2 Anyone have same issue? Carl

  • User friendly & brilliant software.

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  • Great. (But doesn't resolve "localhost" for those using tunnelled SSH connections. Need to use

  • very nice, tnx

  • Easy to run cord

  • Thank you guys for your work!

  • Nice client - simple and easy to use. A thumbs up for the creator.

  • The best client I've tried so far. Keep up the good work.

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