Coppermine is an easily set-up, fast, feature-rich photo gallery script with mySQL database, user management, private galleries, automatic thumbnail creation, ecard feature and a template system for easy customization to match the rest of a site.


  • Arrangement of pictures in categories and albums
  • Picture information stored in database
  • Full multimedia support
  • Creation of thumbnails and intermediate size pics
  • User management (private galleries, groups)
  • Integration of user management (bridging) with various third-party applications (like SMF, phpBB, Invisionboard, vbulletin)
  • Caption, title, description and user defined fields for each picture (searchable)
  • Multi-lingual interface with automatic detection of language preferences
  • Comments
  • Ecards
  • Slideshow
  • Template system for visual integration into existing site
  • EXIF/IPTC support

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User Reviews

  • Well, I got this installed and working, but I'll be darned if I see what good it is. The nicest thing I can say is that my idea of a Photo Gallery must be unlike anybody else's. I want to point to a directory of photos, view them as thumbnails, tag them, categorize them, search their descriptive text. The interface here is so clumsy and verbose I'd never get my photos into the system. And if I did I could only do the most basic searches for images, and in my own album. It is also not very configurable (how do I turn of Captcha for Chrissakes?), but there's probably a config file buried in there somewhere. It has documentation, which is unusual for such thing, but the documentation is so bloated and wordy that you'd really have to dig in to read it all and digest it. But installation is not too bad. Go ahead and see for yourself. A lot of other people seem to think it's useful. I do not.

  • Coppermine simply the best open source image gallery on the net. Tried to use four or five other galleries but none of them stands near the Coppermine.

  • this sucks everyone should be able to use this or ask for help if they need to and i been in the fourm too no one helps if you dont know what your doing but other would like to run a web too

  • Can't even access their English website at . Extremely slow, pages don't load completely. Can't even register for forum. I would love to try Coppermine Photo Gallery but not without access to their forum and tutorials. I'm not having problems with any other sites and there is nothing on Google about it. Can anyone help? I've tried it in Firefox and IE8. Their German site opens just fine.

  • First of all I must point out that I respect the hard work of the developers. Second, I cannot recommend Coppermine. I decided to use it as an alternative to Gallery ( because I was looking for something more simple and faster to install. BUT: even though the installation of Coppermine is very easy and fast, its look and feel is very disappointing. The interface isn't very intuitive and hard to use especially for unexperienced users respectively visitors. Considering the level of knowledge of most of my friends and family members, this piece of software would cause lots of frustration, I am sure of that. Therefore, unless you don't have any real reason to ignore Gallery, you should give it a try first. I recommend to start with the minimum installation version and add desired modules lateron. It's extremely easy to do this, and I am more than expressed. Finally, I hope that my review helps others to make a decision, reviews like "+", "cool" etc. should be _deleted_ as they are quite useless for new users. Comments are welcome:

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Advanced End Users, Developers, Other Audience, System Administrators

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