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  • Loved this for years, just for making the Windows CLI easier to work with.

  • Well done simple wrapper for various windows shells. Don't let the fact that this project hasn't been updated in a few years deter you - it just means that it is very stable!

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  • Please use ConsoleZ as an up-to-date alternative: (Go figure, SourceForge won't allow URLs in reviews). Console2 hasn't been updated in 2 years. ConsoleZ is actively maintained and is also on Github rather than SourceForge (BIG plus).

  • perfect! Exactly what I was looking for

  • I have been using Console for many years, I am very satisfied.

  • Good project that helps me to save time coding something like this. Some features are good, some aren't

  • Looks good.

  • Big improvement over standard cmd. For those looking for selecting text: use Shift-mouse drag. If you want to use Ctrl-C/V for copy/paste simply change it in settings. By default Ctrl-C/V send appropriate codes to the console window (as they should.)

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  • Great. but you should not limit window's size

  • Great. but you should not limit window's size

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  • It lets me use copy and paste the way nature intended. Yay!

  • It's a great tool that improves a lot the windows cmd

  • Better than the terminal supplied by Microsoft, but it has far fewer features than any Linux counterpart

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  • Great one

  • Excellent program and a must-have for people who are sick of the native command prompt shell!

  • Nice alternative to the native console. Minus 1: default text selection is counter-intuitive (having to hold down Shift). Minus 2: running a shortcut (.lnk file) to a 64-bit program FAILS with the 32-bit executable.

  • Excellent tool. Does not play nice with multi - monitors configs.

  • The program works great but I have some suggestions. 1. When creating tabs, provide a clearer distinction of the tabs with a bold border, color, etc. 2. Provide right-click options like Close, Close All, Close All but this tab, etc 3. Include option to manually and automatically check for and install updates (released, beta, etc.) 4. Capture Text option 5. Print & Print Preview options 6. On the bottom status bar, show Scroll, Caps, Num, Capture (if capture text is on), etc 7. User friendly text and block selection (from keyboard or mouse) 8. Set to be default Command window 9. For Windows 7, include Jump Lists 10. Search in console

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  • Thanks for updates ;)

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  • Console works perfectly.

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  • Cool project! Very nice.

  • One of the best lightweight tool for running IPython. Just love the speed. A proper installer would be great. None the less, Great Job!

  • great stuff guys !!!

  • This is really a good project and I like it. One small bug that I noticed during my excercising is that if I have Chinese characters as my file or directory name, and if I run "dir" command there, the displayed format isn't quite good. Meanwhile, the prompt cursor is far away from the prompt text. I can get the cursor back to normal position thru run "dir" in a directory that only has English names of files and directories. Any possibilities to fix that? I do not play with visual studio a lot so is not quite willing to dig into it by myself. :-)

  • Extremely useful! I often have tons of cmd and powershell windows open. This is an awesome way to keep them under control.

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