Conquests is a turn-based 4X Civilization-like 3D strategy game for Windows and Linux. You can discover new technologies from the stone age to the space age, explore the world, and wage war on your opponents. It supports both Direct3D and OpenGL graphics, and can run in both 2D and 3D modes.

Conquests is free, but if you would like to make a donation, you can do so via PayPal/credit or debit card at . You can also donate via Bitcoin. My Bitcoin address is: 1LKCFto9SQGqtcvqZxHkqDPqNjSnfMmsow


  • Ability to create your own maps, as well as play on supplied or randomly generated maps.
  • Scriptable AI, using Lua.
  • Significant portion of the game setup can be modded, via the Lua scripts.
  • Choice of 2D or 3D viewing modes. Supports zooming in/out. Hardware accelerated.
  • Help tooltips on all GUI buttons; in-game reference guide.
  • Whilst borrowing much from Civilization 1-3, I've tried to make a game that focuses on the fun aspects rather than the tedious.
  • Efficient air and naval transport and combat - the player can select where to attack or transport units to immediately.
  • No pollution! No senate or war weariness! No city disorder!
  • Rather than simply having a generic "city production", cities also need to obtain elements in order to build things: Wood, Stone, Bronze, Iron, Gunpowder, Oil.
  • Any foot soldier can build roads, rather than having to have specific worker units. Foot soldiers can also attack enemy units or cities directly by sea. Thus there is an advantage for building a mixed army of foot units and strong units, rather than just the latter.

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OpenGL, DirectX, SDL

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C++, Lua